Straight from Eng

I just got this from intern Thomas Himes about today’s press conference at the Monterey Park assemblyman’s El Monte office:

Mike Eng talking about the Governor’s proposed wage cut of state workers:

“This is a draconian measure to use state workers as hostages.”

“Our democratic proposal is a actually a long term solution to the budget problem as where the Governor’s is a one month fix”

“I will not allow the budget deficit to be balanced on the back of people that need our protection the most.”

Like we had suspected, Eng came to the support of the workers. But is it just me or is the word “hostage” a little strong?

  • CP

    Nope, “hostage” seems just about right. He is essentially using the state’s elected officials’ constituents as hostages, hoping we will cry out to them to pay the ransom (adopt his budget).

    Hey, Arnie, how about punishing those whose job it is to come up with a budget (our elected leaders), not the everyday Joe?