Board of Sups wrap up



The County Board of Sups had a lively meeting today.

There was presentation by Sheriff Lee Baca, which was followed by testimony from the family of Jameil Shaw, who was killed by an illegal immigrant; consideration of an ordinance that calls for chain restaurants to provide caloric information about meals; the introduction of a graffiti pilot program, proposed by Supervsior Gloria Molina, that allows the county to recover costs civilly; and the reversal of a vote that will now place a half-cent sales tax measure proposed by MTA on a consolidated ballot in November.

The most controversy came out of the discussion about the the Sheriff’s policies and procedures for undocumented aliends housed in county jails.

There were dozens of speakers, including the father of Jamiel Shaw, an African-American who was college bound but was shot in the head on March 2 in Arlington Heights by an illegal immigrant.

Some speakers said that they did not care what race the illegal immigrants are, but they are against illegal immigrants that are gang bangers and murders, and there needs to be a system in place to deport them.

One speaker, who was an African American, said that if the tables were turned and 4 million black people illegally immigrated to Mexico, they would be killed.

Supervisor Yvonne Burke made a comment after a member from the Minute Men spoke, who called for the deportation of illegal immigrants. Immediately following him was a Rabbi, who said that the testimony from the Minute Man would be a tough act to follow. Then Burke responded, “Today, it’s the Latinos. Tomorrow it’s the blacks and Jews.”

The comment did not sit well with some people, who accused Burke of making this a racial issue. But Burke responded by saying that she was not race baiting, but rather she was aware of the work that the Minute Men did, and she understood their call for deporting illegal immigrants was really a call for the immigration of all Latinos, and that they wouldn’t stop there.

There were also representatives from the Mexican American Legal Defense and ACLU who spoke against developing a system like Special Order 40.

Once the transcript and video becomes available, you should read and watch some of the comments for yourselves. It was one of the most surprising public meetings I’ve ever attended.

(The photo above is of Jamiel Shaw Jr. The photo can be found at the LA Times blog.)

  • Anonymous

    There are many illegal gangsters, murders and fugutives from many countries not just Mexico. We need to look at the big picture and see where they come from. They must not be part of our neighborhoods nor communities. Immediate deportation must take place. They will only add on to an alarming rise of crime in our cities. It is not a racist issue. We already know thwt the so called Minute Men are racist, biggots and some are proud to be known KKK members. They are nothing but trouble and blowhards. They think that they are the “law” and have every right to do what ever they want. They carry illegai firearms, knives, liquor and drugs. Their use of force is that of a angered mad man. Wanting to take out all injustices on some of these illegal immigrants. We do need to deal with this issue. However it will take cool, calm people who have respect for the law to help bring about change and deal with the “criminal element” from what ever country they may come from.

  • Anonymous Educator

    I agree with you. There are many people who are here illegally and should not be in our country at all. My daughter was viciously beaten and almost killed by her boyfriend that was a criminal from Canadian National. He was well educated and a total charmer. Little did we know that he also sold stolen fire arms. He was eventually caught, set bail and escaped back into Canada. You learn that criminals comes in all nationalities from all levels of society. One can never judge a book by its cover. Not all illegals are bad people. Many of them respect our country and its laws. By having them become legal citizens, this will certainly help resolve many issues and concerns that we all worry about. We need immigration reform in our country. Not racial bashing, it is not the answer. The Minute Men should not be allowed th run a muck. Half of them are crazy and have a mission to hurt whom ever gets in their way. The other half belong in prison. Our legislators need to work together to find a reasonable immigration set of laws that guarantees justice, human dignity, and civil rights. It can be done, and it is certainly long over due.

  • Anonymous

    Kudos to Burke and a half kudo to Knabe. Having the sales tax off the ballot would have sent a much stronger that SGV is getting a bad deal. I guess we will have to make our point on election day.