It’s not a vendetta…

This is from reporter Brian Day:

In a Saturday, Aug. 16 article entitled “Chamber answers businessman’s ire,” it was written that Sid Maksoudian did not deny he had a vendetta.

This statement was my summary of what I perceived to be the facts of the situation, however as Maksoudian has pointed out to me, he did not himself use the word “vendetta” and takes issue with the term being attached to his statements.

When I wrote “vendetta,” I merely meant to imply the ongoing disputes and issues between Maksoudian and and the Chamber of Commerce and local businesswoman Heidi Daniels.

Maksoudian has expressed concern that this phrasing is innaccurate and implies that he has ill will towards others or wishes to see others come to harm, which he said is not the case.

Maksoudian said he merely has a list of grievances with the chamber and perceived injustices he would like to see remedied, not a vendetta.