‘Vote down taxes’

Here’s one opinion on the recent tax hikes. This letter ran on the Opinion Page today:

Vote down tax hikes

Every day you read or hear about tax increases. The economy is horrible and people are having extreme difficulties paying mortgages, bills, food and the worst: the cost of gasoline.

Now our local, state and federal governments all want to increase taxes. Are they for real?

You don’t hear our politicians saying they will take a cut in pay. You do not see our politicians giving up their cars, drivers or staff paid by us. They don’t work everyday and yet they take long vacations.

Their answer to everything is increase taxes.

Let them put all these proposed increases on the ballot. I urge everyone to vote “no.”

It is time the politicians and big government spend within the budget and we should hold them accountable.

We in the San Gabriel “Forgotten” Valley need to come together and vote “no” on the MTA tax. We will not get our fair share. The mayor of Los Angeles only has one thought in mind and it is not us. In fact, he is probably one of the worst when it comes to spending taxpayers money. Just look at all the trips he has taken.

Let us all wake up and stop listening to the politicians. They need to spend wisely and stop using us as scapegoats.

Gil Dominguez

West Covina

  • Too many taxes

    Our elected officials at all levels collect a salary to do a job. A large part of that job is to manage expenditures. When they screw up and spend more money than there is coming in, their solution is always to raise taxes. Rather than increasing taxes, since those in office are not doing their jobs, hold back their pay until the budget is back in control. That goes for those elected at all levels, city, county, state, and federal. I wonder if that will change their attitudes toward spending.