Whoa! That’s a lot of money!



Rosemead elections are in March, so that means that it is campaign fundraising time for these council hopefuls. Here is the money tally, according to campaign finance records that covers Jan. 1, 2008 to June 30, 2008:

“Friends of John Tran” – $100,218

“Polly Low for Rosemead” – $37,407

“Friends of John Nunez” – $31,684

Committee to Re-Elect Margaret Clark” – $1,969

“Rosemead Partners Political Action Committee” – $1,349

Two points of interest here:

1. John Tran (pictured to the left) raised 100 grand!

2. Polly Low is not running for another two years.

  • Anonymous

    Looks like someone is running for assembly.

  • SGV Action

    To anonymous: I dont think you can transfer city council campaign money to a state campaign.

  • Yes you can.

  • Anonymous

    And who says votes cannot be bought????

  • gilman

    So who offered up over $100,000 grand to his campaign?…..readers want to know. Let me guess, many of the major donors do business with the city.

    And who says the system isn’t broken….

  • Rosemead Voter

    Wow! I can actually believe that Tran has raised this unbelieveable amount. He is self centered, arrogant and full of himself. Talk about a slick politician. This man leaves “no” stone unturned. I would like to see a break down of who actually gave him the bucks. He has to report everything over one hundred dollars. Am I correct. Can some one please let us know in Rosemead.

  • Anonymous

    Have yiu check DEL TERRA

  • Anonymous

    GilMan. we all know who you are. Duarte.

  • gilman

    Duarte? Must be someone who has questioned the fund raising practices of Mr. Tran in the past…sorry to disappoint, but I am just a guy who is fed up with the abuses taking place by many of our elected officials.

  • Anonymous

    Sure thing GILMAN. Sure thing.

  • S. Sanderson

    I often wonder about those who have negative things to say about political fundrasing….. if they ran, how would they get their money to get their message out?

    Not only that, those who *do* say negative things about some candidatess will of course *not* say negative things about the candidtate they support no matter how much money that candidtate has raised… or from whom.

    Bottom line is it takes money to run a campaign and all the funds raised are reported… and most communities have limits as well…

    As far as Mr. Tran, I have met him a time or two and he seems to be a very nice guy and active in his community.

  • gilman

    $100,000 in the coffers of a local city council member!….Tran has been active indeed.

  • ManGil

    Sure thing Duarte.

  • The Truth

    The three amigos have had a plan to fleece Rosemead and make money for their campaigns.

    That is it….they are bad for Rosemead.

    Vote them out.