Ask and you shall receive

To address couple of comments made earlier about the campaign fundraising of Rosemead Mayor John Tran:

According to Roman Porter, spokesman for the Fair Political Practices Commission, a candidate can transfer funds from one committee to another if he were, for example, running for Rosemead City Council and later decided to run for the Assembly. But there are a couple of rules the candidate would have to follow.

1. The candidate would have apply for the proper paperwork.
2. The candidate would not be allowed to transfer contributions that exceed the state’s limit of $3,600 contribution per one individual or business. That would erase some of these contributions.

Also, $100,000 is a start to fundraising for the Assembly, but if Tran were actually considering it, which he hasn’t said and only commentors are speculating, he has about another $500,000 to collect.

  • The Truth

    Tran for Assembly is all he ever wanted…a step up. He does not care about Rosemead…he wants POWER. Playing the political game of fleecing a city and moving on to do it on a grander scale. And who is left behind to clean up the messthe tax payer.

    Once Tran gets the “nod” from other power people like Gloria Molina, he will bolt. Getting the “nod” means you have sold out and will do anything for money.