Developers and contributions in Rosemead

My weekend story will be about the campaign donation totals in Rosemead. Some of the commentors have asked where the money is coming from. I will develop a spreadsheet later in the day, but here are some of the numbers that pop:



Friends of John Nunez: $31,684

Garvey School School Board member Bob Bruesch is listed as Nunez’s treasurer on the campaign statement documents.

-Architect firm JWDA, which has done several buildings in Rosemead, donated $1,000.

Valley Hotel, 8711 Balley Blvd., gave $2,500

-420 Boyd Street LLC, out of Los Angeles, gave $2,500

Friends of John Tran donated $6,000



Committee to Re-Elect Margaret Clark: $1,969

Her largest donation came from Henri Pellissier, a retired Whittier resident, gave $1,000.

-Mike Lewis of Lewis and Company gave $244 worth of “publication supplies.” Lewis worked as a consultant to help get support for the Wal-Mart Supercenter.

Polly Low for Rosemead: $37,407

H Hai Tran, an Arcadia resident who is the director of Saigon National Bank, gave $3,000.

420 Boyd Street, LLC, of Los Angeles, gave $3,000

Si Ming Lau, a Pasadena resident who is self employed for Si Lau CPA Associates, gave $3,000.

Paul Chauderson, a Rosemead resident who is self employed at Classic Tees, gave $3,000

Stephen Lam, a former Monterey Park planning commissioner who resigned because of questions about his residency in the city, gave $1,000.

Valley Hotel gave $2,000.

JWDA, the architectual company, gave $1,000.

Yan Huang, a Rowland Heights resident who is self employed for Huang Tax Service, gave $3,000.

-She also paid back a $5,000 loan from Friends of John Tran.


Friends of John Tran: $100,218

Tran may have raised 100 grand, but this period he also spent $58,913, including a $11,500 fundraising event in 888 Seafood Restaurant and a $7,500 donation to Foothill Unity Center for “children in need.”

Pan Construction, at 1234 San Gabriel Blvd in Rosemead, gave $3,000

Hotels Southern California in Arcadia gave $5,000.

Eastern Investment Group out of Rosemead gave $3,000.

Valley Hotel gave $3,000.

CB Home, at 1732 S. Wesetern Ave. in Los Angeles, gave $3,000.

TT Investment from Los Angeles (no address is given) gave $4,000.

420 Boyd Street LLC, from 420 Boyd Street Los Angeles, gave $6,000.

JWDA gave $1,000.

Hieu Tai Tran gave $3,000.

Connie Lam, the owner of Classic Tees, gave $5,000.

Mike Truong, owner of Kingfish Trading Inc, gave $3,000.

Dana Denh Voong, a real estate broker out of Arcadia, gave $3,000.

Polly Low for Rosemead gave Tran $5,000.

Rosemead Partners Political Action Committee: $1,349

-Largest contribution came from Councilman Gary Taylor, who gave $500

Lewis and Company gave $150.

  • The Truth

    Now who really is taking the money from businesses all you supporters of the three amigos…ah the truth is finally posted. I was right; you all are covering up for the three amigos.

    Hey, give a little to the three amigos and your project is voted “yes”.

    Please comment on how “these are legitimate contributions for the betterment of Rosemead”?

    What nobody but the crickets……