Political mailers? It depends on who you ask

Local politicans just love their fliers. It is a common tactic that Rosemead Councilwoman Margaret Clark has used over the past year, and Dan Holloway uses them too. But a big difference: Holloway’s flier uses what looks like a city seal, which could get him in toruble, Tania Chatila reports:

LA PUENTE – Some city officials are accusing Councilman Dan Holloway of misusing the La Puente logo in a letter sent to more than 200 residents.

Holloway mailed the three-page letter at the beginning of the month. It details his accomplishments since being elected to the City Council in November. One of the pages included a picture of Holloway and the official La Puente logo.

A city policy unanimously adopted in January states that council members may not use city stationery “for political or campaign purposes. … City stationery is defined as any stationery that displays the city seal or logo.”

City Manager Carol Cowley said Holloway misused the icon, which includes the city’s name.

“Whether the (letter) was campaign or political literature, I think that’s subject to opinion,” she said, declining to comment further.

Holloway defended himself, saying the letter was in no way political. He said it was informative and was meant to address rumors that the council has been ineffective.

He also said the logo he used is not exactly the same one used by the city. It was something Holloway had in a file.

“Anyone who reads the letter would see that I’m obviously talking about things I’ve supported, things that I’ve recommended,” Holloway said. “It has nothing to do with politics. It has to do with informing the public.” Read more.

  • LA Warrior

    The piece is political. He learned his lesson and will not do it again. Give him a fine and move on.

  • FPPC Violation?

    Isn’t a mailer in excess of 200 pieces considered a “mass mailing” in accordance with the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC’s) regulations? Hmmmmmm…

  • big pimpin

    somebody tell this guy to get off of his high horse already. I received that letter and all it did was convince me of how into himself he is.

  • American Mosquito

    I cant believe how into himself this guy is. Can someone post the letter her on line so we can see it??


    Again does Holloway think because us voter voted for him ,he can do what he wants.Is this why the city manager is leaving.I guess Dan thinks he can run the city by himself….Well we already seen what he can do didnt he already cost the city $5 MILLION.Wait last week he gave himself a raise $300,00 .Looking forward what he will do next

  • Prof Bonner

    Well it looks like my class is going to have another assignment to work on.

  • anony moose

    Dan ran on a platform of CHANGE. Obama is running on a platform of CHANGE. I hope that if Obama wins he doesn’t become so self absorbed with himself. haha did you see that link to afro ninja video that was funny. keep swinging away dan.

  • Obama

    And to think, I had this guy on my short list!

    Hey Dan Holloway, listen: I am the King. Not YOU!

  • The Blog

    What are you all shocked about? have you not been reading me lately? My pages are full of stories about selfish, arrogant, and corrupt politicians!

    Back to revealing dark, dank secrets!

    The Blog.

    p.s. Dan “City Hall” oway, go home!

  • mt sac

    Who’s more full of himself Dan or Afro Ninja.
    Dan’s letter is a classic afro ninja moment.
    book ’em Dano

  • Gilman

    Its a shame to see Holloway go down in flames like this.

  • Gilman

    Sounds like politics to me. While Holloway does seem into himself (way too much); it was Snoring and Soul-eze that were in the front page of the paper a week or so ago.

    Hear that sucking sound? yeah, me too. That’s their large egos. They suck.

  • lp internet audio feed

    good god that man can talk.