Mexico numbers are in


It looks like the city has the numbers after all for the cost of sending city officials on a sister city trip to San Luis Potosi, Mexico, Airan Scruby reports.

City defends lack of disclosure on Sister City trip cost
Airan Scruby, Staff Writer
Article Launched: 08/26/2008 10:44:17 PM PDT

PICO RIVERA – Officials said it was “happenstance” that the cost of sending a Sister City delegation to San Luis Potosi, Mexico, was not released last week.

City Manager Chuck Fuentes said he did not provide information because he believed Interim Finance Director John Herrera would have records of how much money had been budgeted for the trip. Herrera was unable to provide the numbers, he said, because he was out of the office.

“This was one measly little trip, and I’m dealing with multimillion-dollar issues here,” Fuentes said. “I think it’s just out of proportion.”

City spokesman Bob Spencer said he had prepared information on the cost of the trip and the goals of the visit last week, but was not asked for information when this newspaper reported that no figures had been released about the trip.

“Nobody called me,” Spencer said. “I had the information. I don’t know whether the city manager had that information at his disposal or not.”

The city spent about $5,200 to send its five delegates, Spencer said. This was offset by $1,600 earned through sales of DVDs from the Miss Pico Rivera Pageant.


    As a long time resident and tax payer I stronly oppose the mayor and xHeckle and Jeckle from going to Mexico. Look at other cities that are currently in the red. We are in the same situation. That $5,200 needs to be put to better use in Pico Rivera. I am sur that the total bill will be well over seven thousand PESOS or more.

  • Pico Rivera Mom

    Stay home. It is not safe to travel to Mexico. People are being held for ransom. Some are killed even though the money is paid. We need to keep our money in our city, in California. We are hurting economically in Pico Rivera. Three of you are doing a great job as the mayor and councilmembers. Keep up the work. Don’t ruin your integrity, good name and work.

  • Pico Rivera Watch Dog

    Our Mayor and City Council need to reconsider traveling to Mexico. They really need to do this when our city is operating in the black not in the red. It makes them look as if they really don’t care about the deficit in Pico Rivera. They lead to lead by example, to other cities who are having the same problems.

  • Your Friend from Pico Rivera

    You Sister City San Luis Potosi is not going anywhere. You all should go when the cities finances are much better. I know that my family and I couldn’t go on vacation or travel for that matter if there is no money. Why would you three do something so dumb and inconsiderate as traveling when Pico Rivera is hurting big time financially? I just don’t understand your reasoning at all…