If you’re happy and you know it…

Supervisor Michael Antonovich is calling on the Governor to stay away from the Proposition 1A funds. His office sent over a press release, but more entertaining than that are the photos included. Talk about a jovial looking bunch…


Here’s the press release:


LOS ANGELES COUNTY – Los Angeles County Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich joined his colleagues Supervisors Don Knabe and Zev Yaroslavsky, California Contract Cities Association President Mayor Frank V. Zerunyan (Rolling Hills Estates), and Independent Cities Association Mayor Kevin Stapleton (Covina), at a press conference with Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger calling on the State Legislature not to raid Proposition 1A funds to balance the State budget.

“I applaud Governor Schwarzenegger’s commitment to preserve Proposition 1A and protect our local revenues. In 2004, 83% of California voters sent a message to our state legislature — that local tax revenues remain with local government and be spent for local purposes,” said Antonovich. “It is unfortunate that the legislature has become stone deaf and forgot who elected them to office, as they look primed to raid our local funds once more to balance their budget.”

“Here in Los Angeles County, with the protection of our local dollars, we have been able to invest in our public safety departments — hiring 50 additional prosecutors, over 600 Sheriff Deputies, 3,300 jail beds, and 700 new positions in our Probation Department, said Antonovich.

Noting that 49 other states have enacted budgets, Antonovich called on the need for a part-time legislature and a 2-year budget.

“Right now many teachers amid uncertainty over the state budget are looking for other jobs, a two-year budget brings fiscal stability to this state. Also, California is one of only 10 states in the nation with a full-time legislature – it is not surprising that it is also among one of the most taxed states along with Massachusetts and New York. A part-time legislature would force lawmakers to focus on vital issues such as balancing a budget and not have the freedom to create so many new bills,” added Antonovich.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder what they are thinking? Maybe: “It’s 100 degrees outside. Will he wrap it up soon?”

  • ID Please

    Now who can identify everyone of these officials? Go!

  • I feel better knowing my elected officials and their administrators have no joy in their lives.

  • Sukka Fool

    That’s definitely Andre the Giant in the back. Oh wait, thats a chick? Nevermind. :/

  • Mayor Blanca M. Figueroa South El Monte

    As elected officials from various cities they are not happy to hear that redevelopment money will be taken from their cities budget. Projects that have been approved may get cut from the cities plan. Many of these developments bring jos and tax revenues for a city, helping to boost the economy. We work very hard trying to budget our cities funds just to have them raided by the legislatures to help balance the states budget. It is not repaid back into our cities operating budget. We are not happy with their bad decisions that affect our residents and communities. We answer to the community that each of us represents. They need to balance their budget on state money that they have. We are tired of being their “pot of gold “every time they are in a deficit. We are determined to hold on to the peoples money. It is only fair and just.

  • Anonymous

    They are standing on stairs you idiot! They are fighting for your city to hold on to your cities money that help operate it on a daily bases. Fire and police protection come with a price tag!!!

  • Temple City Resident

    I am happy to see and hear that our councilmembers ans mayors look afer our cities. It is about time that they stood up the the legislators in Sacramento. Thank you Mayor Figueroa and the rest of you who care about us.

  • gilman

    Hmmmmm…..politicians fighting over who will spend our money – now that is a surprise.

  • Constituent of Duarte

    It is no surprize that there are still elected officials who take their role very seriously. Some cities are very fortunate to have them. Others just grim and put up with their nonsence. We need to see more of those elected officials fight Sacramento. The elected officials who appeared in the photo with the Governor and the Supervisor took the time and made a great effort to let their opinions and concerns be known. Yes, some of us are very proud of our representatives within the San Gabriel Valley. The tall lady (in the back row)is Margaret Finaly, our elected official from Duarte. She is a great politician.Thank you all for being there for us, your constituents. We appreciate what you are doing.

  • La Puente Resident

    Wow it is great to see our elected officials fighting the Sacramento legislators for a change. I have seen many of these elected officials in the news and in the Tribue newspaper. They united when there is a big concern or problem to address. I appreciate Mayor Figueroa’s dedication as well as all the elected officials in your photo that are looking after our best interest. We need more politicians like these that stand up to Sacramento and take care of business for a change. Thank You All.

  • Could Bill Bogaard have a bigger frown?

  • Baldwin Park

    They are all frowning. They are really concerned about the states econimic deficit. I would frown too….more like cry if I was one of them. The Republicans and Democrats need to come to a compromize and balance that budget by cutting out the fat.

  • San Gabriel Resident

    As a long time resident of San Gabriel I thank all our mayors who are speaking up to the Legialators. It is about time they stop taking assembly breaks ans vacations and get to work. None of them should of been at the Democratice Convention. They should of stayed in Sacramento where they belonged and worked a compromise with those hard headed Republicans.

  • Covina Resident

    So did those idiots, the REPUBLICANS PLAY FAIR OR NOT? Was the budget balanced or not? Will our cities pay the price for their overspending and misappropriations of funds, as usual? Which budgetted amounts will they raid from certain accounts and what programs will be cut???