Big news out of BP

Looks like the Baldwin Park City Council has decided to exclude all owner-occupied homes from Robert Bisno’s proposed downtown project.

The announcement was made at last night’s council meeting.

That should save a couple dozen homeowners from the eminent domain process, easing some of the concerns about the scope of the project.

But I guess there is no pleasing business owner Greg Tuttle, who is spearheading a recall effort against council members Marlen Garcia, Monica Garcia (not related) and Councilman Anthony Bejarano.

Tuttle had this to say this morning about the announcement: “We don’t trust them one bit. They are not giving any concessions. They are just following Prop. 99.”

Tuttle referred to the recently passed state initiative which includes the following amendment: “local governments are prohibited from acquiring by eminent domain an owner-occupied residence for the purpose of conveying it to a private person.”

What do you guys think? Is this a victory for Baldwin Park homeowners?

  • BPer

    So what happened to the recall? Death by natural causes. Naturally, it couldn’t go anywhere. As far as those houses are concerned tuttle could care less about them. And he showed it last night at the council meeting. What so interesting are the doops that still applaud him. What he does care about is his cause. Whats that you may ask. It’s all about him getting what he wants never mind what the city needs. And yes, tuttle you are an outsider and always will be. Got to tell you though seeing those tuttle for mayor stickers. That’s one of the funniest things i have seen. Great Joke.

  • Anonymous

    Tuttle for Mayor? Oh, how I WISH he would run. The Mayor of MY city would mop the floor with him. It would be a political defeat of David Duke proportions. Lozano would stomp him by at least 60 percentage points.

  • Get Real!!!

    My son’s gerbil could beat Lozano in a race for mayor; however, it would have to be removed from Lozano’s ass first!!! (No offense George Michael) =)

  • Get Real’s gerbil

    Sounds like you’ve been with your son’s gerbil one too many times. It’s cut the oxygen to your brain. By the way i’m sure you and George Micheal make a great couple.

  • Anonymous

    Your son’s gerbil? I think not. Go look at election results for the last 5 elections. Lozano is a lock in bp. He stomped a supposed war hero, what do you think he’d do to greg vancleave tuttle?

  • BP For Life!!

    I don’t care if Mr. Tuttle has a daughter-in-law and grand daughter that are Latinos. Hitler’s mother was a Jew and he still tried to exterminate them all. Mr. Tuttle is bigot and a racist!

    Have you noticed that most of his supports are all white. Sorry Mr. Tuttle, you would have to move to Utah or some Southern state (and Arizona) to be among your Minuteman friends…

  • to BP For Life

    You brought out something that i have to agree with. Tuttle’s biggest supporters last names are: Cyr,Lee(as in Robert E. Lee), Woods(Mr.Ethnic Cleansing),DeJulia ect. Sure they know what we need here in BP. These business people who say that because they spend more money here than we who live here do, have more priority. Of course they don’t speak of the money they make from their businesses here in BP. Successful business mind you. These people are for themselves and that’s it. And again most of these people live (outside) of BP.

  • BP loser

    Wow mr. bp lifer sounds like you hit the magic word all these people are successful business people and it had nothing to do with you or the council. The reason for success is being smart and knowing when something is not good for you or your city you work in it’s only the losers that don’t see the big picture bisno and the council are doing. Your last comment we live outside but choose to spend our business money in B/P so what’s your point none i guess. You have been brain washed by our gay/security guard mayor mentality he has nothing else to grasp on to other than some of the owners live out of town but he has his hand out for all the revenue and tax dollars we bring to this city. Let’s not forget these are legal business not work out of your house crap i think you know what i mean.

  • to BP loser

    Yes you are a BP loser. That’s what you’ve called yourself you big dummy! The point is you sanctamonius nut your in this city to make money. That’s a good thing, but your trying (and failing miserably) to say you are doing something good for the city when all you want is your vendetta. You have absolutely nothing to give. You tear apart. Give me something that makes sense like what kind of developement would be right for this city. What beautification would you have in this city? Talk about that and you got a listener. Otherwise shut-up!