From the city’s desk

Here’s the text of a press release Baldwin Park city officials sent out today about the decision to exclude owner-occupied homes from the downtown project:


At the Council meeting last night Mayor Manuel Lozano made the following statement on behalf of the Council regarding the proposed downtown redevelopment project:

“As we have stated earlier, the City of Baldwin Park needs this project, which when completed, is expected to benefit the more than 80,000 strong community of Baldwin Park by improving the quality of life, creating jobs and providing greater economic opportunity, just as projects such as Wal Mart, Target and others have done.

A redevelopment project takes many years just in the planning stages. As most of you know, this Council and Community Development Commission (CDC) must review and approve several actions for this or any redevelopment to occur. Until now, the Council and CDC had been striving to complete several of the actions required as part of that process. The project is still in planning stages and a lot more still needs to be done before we can say “This is what the project is” and “This is what it is going to look like.”
As elected officials representing the voters we want to honor the spirit of Proposition 99.

Even though Proposition 99 allows the CDC to consider acquisition of those owner-occupied homes whose owners received offer letters from the CDC in December of 2007, the Council has decided to exclude those owner-occupied homes from the proposed revitalization project. Therefore, we will not be approving a resolution of necessity regarding those homes even though that would be permitted under Proposition 99. Based on that, we have also directed staff to work with the developer to redefine the scope of the proposed project. Staff will also be working to evaluate if any additional changes to the proposed project’s timeline are needed in view of the changed economy and condition of the financial and housing markets.

It is our continued strong hope and desire to see the proposed redevelopment of our downtown come to fruition, as we seek to achieve the much needed revitalization of the community we all love. Therefore, the Council and CDC will be pursuing review and consideration of matters such as certification of the Master EIR, redevelopment plan amendments and land use entitlements. We anticipate the EIR certification process to start next month with the other processes taking place over the next six-months or so.

On behalf of myself and the Council, I would like to thank all of you who have supported the proposed project, to date, and ask you to continue your support. We are confident that the much needed revitalization of downtown and the surrounding area will happen.

To those who have opposed the currently proposed project, we thank you for and seek your constructive input. We hope you will understand and accept the benefits a revised revitalization effort would offer the whole community of Baldwin Park.”

  • Anonymous

    Sergio Corona and Manny Lozano are partners!

  • I CALL B/S

    The city is only trying to make everyone think it’s over and just a small part might be done someday. The truth is that is what they have said all along the way as they send out letters and pass new ordiances to pave the way.This only a trick to get their EIR report done without a fight in court. The word to the council B/S and the attorneys are ready for the battle in the courts so keep trying to decieve the people isn’t going to work anymore we call your bluff. To all the council go get some real jobs and leave this city to the people who care about the city and it’s people.

  • to B/Ser

    you sure don’t sound like anyone who cares about this city. you are just a negative person full of BS. Your going down cause you have no solutions. Get you lawyers, spend your money and at the end you will be shown the phonies you are.

  • Olive branch theory

    The people fighting against the bisno tear down the whole city and rebuild just the inside of the city are not phonies it’s called realists. The business owners,the land owners and the residents last council meeting offered to have a real public forum with no bisno rep’s present to see if everyone could give productive input to a redevelopment that fit the community and not the pocket book of a developer and guess what not one response to it. The arrogrant council again wants to show the people they work for who’s boss. This council no matter how long it takes will have to answer to it’s people someday and the more they keep putting down business owners[outsiders] and residents they will continue to lose support. The only people who want this project are the people who profit from redevelopment or who were promised jobs if the redevelopment happens. These people are what we call leaches and groupies they never made it in life and now the think someone is going to give them hope to make money for themselves. The people on the most part are losers in finances they have B/K’s,they don’t own their house, they are not registered to vote, they own and operate illegal business out of their houses and they hang with the council people to get the crumps the city offers them to make money. When you combine losers with loser council people you have a great combination for what we call failure. Just because people don’t want what is doomed to fail doesn’t mean they don’t welcome change and progress. This attitude of just build it they will come only work’s in the movies. TALK TO THE PEOPLE OR SUFFER DEFEAT AGAIN

  • sticks and stones

    here we go again. If i want developement because i believe in it i’m a loser according to you’re way of thinking. Maybe i have made mistakes. I admit i’m not perfect. I live here in BP in part because i fit into the rowdie rep it has. The majority of people have dirty laundry here and in any community. So you have never had financial problems. Well good for you. Many of the people here in BP have. We’re not bunch of superior people like yourself who can call us losers. We have made mistakes and falling on hard times. That doesn’t mean we don’t want something better. According to you we don’t diserve that. You have always had it your way and you think that’s way it should be. Well buddy your wrong. And you don’t get us. You can call us losers but your the failure.

  • Anonymous

    Olive Branch Theory? How is there an olive branch when there is an active recall effort, CARA members at each council meeting bash the council members, insult them, slander them, and attempt to degrade them in public. On these blogs, hell, in the VERY comment about the supposed olive branch, these dissenters call the council members losers, arrogant, etc.

    Doesn’t sound like a good faith olive branch to me.

  • Olive branch-being nice

    First of all there doesn’t need to be a active recall if the arrogrant council would have commented on setting a meeting up but they totally ignored the offer. This only proves the councils little give back was B/S just a smoke screen. The well informed people the council are dealing with this time a very well educated in the political games these morons play. As far as calling the council losers what would you call an unemployed attorney fired 2 to 3 times in 5 years and a mayor who changes jobs all the time and is a security guard not a director of communications and a young girl who is hired to to get info for her boss merrullo and maddox a major developer in town who is looking to gain more power in town. It’s called a token girl it doesn’t require any skills just smile and listen for inside info and vote the right way for her boss which she owns stock in the company too. Then their is marlen what a peice of work they broke the mold when she was hatched this bully and arrogrant piece work needs to take her frustration out some where else not on the citzens of B/P maybe she needs a man again. Let me refresh you on slander it is only slander if it is a lie why do you think the council never comes out and proves their side?

  • Anonymous

    So what you’re saying is that you can make any allegation you want, and it is up to the council to disprove it? What proof do you have that the mayor is only a security guard? His guard card? Lots of people have guard cards, that’s not exactly a smoking gun. And what proof do you have that this attorney was fired two or three times? What proof do you have that monica garcia is just a muerello spy? You realize she was a planning commissioner before she worked for him, right? When she worked for the city of l.a., she served as planning commissioner for bp. How do you explain that? You’ve yet to show actual proof of the conclusions you draw. You’ve taken innuendo and random facts and then weave this story. Do you have pictures of the mayor in his armed n dangerous finest? Do you have a termination letter for the attorney? Any evidence whatsoever that garcia is just a pawn? Doubtful. And since you don’t, and don’t care about the truth that is slander.

  • Anthony Benajerk

    With these comments I can see why you will never make a real attorney in court. You can spin it anyway you want the facts are there you can’t even offer up the proof that any of this is lies why because it’s not. I have seen many attorneys in court in my life and one thing is for sure you better get a partner for the trial part and stick to writing briefs that try to create illusions of truth and uncertainity. The people in this city are tired of this well oiled machine creating B/S they want change and they want you losers gone. When I have to offer the proof that monica didn’t live in the city even as a planning commmissioner and worked for muerello when she was a commissioner and she took the majority of her campaign funds from the controller of muerello,muerello’s dad,muerello himself and from the company of muerello this is all public info read it. As far as a guard card do you have one I don’t think so you don’t need it when your home trying to find work do you? Let’s get to you anthony why is it you have a city business license to operate out of your house or is this just a mistake on the city’s part also. If you want me to bring up why you lost one of your jobs because you used the firm’s letter head you worked for to help your dad get out of his illegal mess which by the way is another story. If you were the least bit good and knew what you were doing dad would have never made that deposition that he did. This is why i’am confident you have no clue in city business either. Let’s explain why the mayor get’s a condo gifted to him and why he paid 1/2 price on a house his buddy owned. Shall we get into why the cook brothers have a anything you want policy to build in this town could it be they are heavy contributors to pacheco, MAYOR and to your go to girl monica. This whole council is to put it politely the slime of the earth and the people of B/P will rid all of you very soon. Try working on getting a job and save your spinning the truth for court where the judge can get a big laugh at it. To bad they don’t allow attorneys in small claims court because you might have a chance their. The old saying the truth shall set you free is coming soon.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not who you think I am, but once again you spin a yarn but don’t have any proof of your conclusions.

  • to benajerk

    Yes you are a jerk, an idiot, a baffoon, and a liar, a spinner of the truth. You are one of those crazy, desperate business owners against the developement so out of touch with reality that people have lost all respect for you. Your nothing but a bunch of wind. Blow this you creep. Were is the proof in any of what you say? Show something concrete besides your stupidity fool. But since you got nothing it remains your just a joke.