UPDATE: Andrew McIntyre

The bio for Upper San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District candidate Andrew McIntyre was changed after I posted this entry. It no longer states that he was a member of the San Gabriel Basin Water Quality Authority, but instead that was replaced to the San Gabriel Valley River Water Authority.

Andrew McIntyre was born and raised in West Covina. He attended South Hills High School and later went on to graduate from the University of Southern California (USC) where Andrew received his degree in Public Policy Management & Planning.

Commitment To Our Community
San Gabriel Valley River Water Authority
Citrus Valley Health Partners Foundation, Board of Directors
Covina Historic Society, Chairperson
Covina Rotary Club
West Covina, life long resident

Andrew is currently the Water Resource Manager for the Canyon Water Company. He is directly involved in the daily management and oversight of all water resources required to insure an adequate supply of high quality water.

  • ?

    I did a Google search for the San Gabriel Valley River Water Authority. I didn’t find anything really related to it. Does any one know what this organization is or does? I have never heard of it. Thanks.

  • West Covina Resident

    San Gabriel Valley River Water Authority used to be called the Committee of 9 now it has only 4 members. It somehow controls the water coming out of Azusa canyon.

    The City of Azusa, Covina Irrigating, Monrovia Nursery and Cal American Water. Due to Monrovia Nursery selling their property its going down to 3 members. They met at City of Azusa Light & Water. Talk to the City of Azusa Light & Water Joe Hsu.

    Just the facts!