Arcadia takes on immigration compliance

Arcadia could soon require contractors to comply with immigration laws, Alfred Lee reports.

Compliance with migrant law urged
By Alfred Lee, Staff Writer
Article Launched: 09/03/2008 11:11:55 PM PDT

ARCADIA – In what amounts to a largely symbolic stand against hiring illegal immigrants, city officials are considering adding wording to future contracts that specifically requires contractors to comply with immigration laws.

The City Council unanimously voted Tuesday to draft language that could potentially be inserted into such contracts and preserve the city’s right to ask contractors for documentation of their employees at any point.

The move could be considered a token gesture, since the city already requires contractors to generally comply with all state and federal laws, including the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986.

But Mayor Robert Harbicht passionately argued that a stand needed to be made.

“This city has an opportunity to make a statement that we are not going to hire illegal aliens,” Harbicht said. “This particular thing is something that’s choking this whole region.”

The city attorney and city manager were directed to work on drafting the new contract wording, which will be brought back to council for a final decision.

  • Garcia Family from Arcadia

    Sounds like Arcadia has a bunch of racists and biggots as elected city officials. Is their community also free of illegal immigrants? What is next the schools and churches? The only gesture THEY are showing is one of ignorance and stupitity.

  • Chu Family

    It is a very sad day when our mayor and city council decide to play Immigrationn Agents. Who do they think they are pass such non-sence in our city. I am ashamed to live in a city that has struck the first blow against people who want and wish to work for an honest days pay. They are not begging or robbing anyone. My family and I are very upset over this idiodic decision. We will never vote these five jerks into office again. We are most surprized that John Wuo supported this. Does he forget where his family came from? Our ancestors will turn over in their graves. He has brought much shame to our community. Especially to our people. How quickly you forget your roots Councilmember Wuo.

  • Passing thru….

    What is it about “illegal” that folks miss? Arcadia is not going to go after “legal” immigrants. They don’t want lawbreakers in their community. Follow the rules and do thing right and you won’t be bothered.

  • Mr. Harbicht and Ctiy Council Members

    Please leave the Federal issues and policing of immigrants matter where they should be, in the Federal Government. I find it so hypocritical that you go after individuals that are coming to this county for a better life. What’s next, are you going to go after the person that cuts the grass of most of the citizens in our city and your house? Or go after all or most of the workers that work in the kitchens, maintenance, car washes or any other profession your “legal immigrants” or citizens don’t want to do? See how much our local economy in Arcadia would suffer if you start making it a city that does not welcome diversity. In Arcadia we have immigrants, not “aliens” both legal and illegal from a number of countries. They’ll just move out and go live to a city that embraces diversity.

    Take a look at what is happen in the State of Arizona, the are having a shortage of workers because they are doing the same thing you are proposing and is supported by the Minuteman.

  • Mrs. Germany

    Our Mayor and Councilmembers have lost our confidence. In all the years that my family and I have lived here, we have never witnessed such harshness on innocent hard working people. We were always very proud of living in such a diverse neighborhood and city. Now for some reason our community leaders are playing judge and jury with an issue that is a federal one. We put them into office to make our city a better place to live in. Now you will have people turning on each other. Why because they are here ilegally? They have truely hit rock bottom on this decision. I am disappointed in them all, as are the residents on our block. We do not support their decision at all.

  • Taxpayer

    City officials have an obligation to insure that lawbreakers are not working on city contracts. Just like you and I have an obligation to make sure that the guy mowing our lawn has not broken a federal law. Not everyone who works as a gardener is a lawbreaker. Many are here legally. To assume that everyone who speaks with a Spanish accent is in this country illegal is racist.

    If the property owner (in this case the city) can have a lien placed on their property if wages are not being paid, then they need to know who is working on the property and how much they are earning.

    Not so many years ago, construction used to be a pretty way to make a good living. It isn’t that way anymore. If a contractor can pick someone up at the Home Depot for $10/hour, why would they hire a union worker? Illegals ARE taking jobs from American workers!

  • Pasadena Resident

    Our so called American workers do not want many of the jobs that pay minimum wage or belowe. That is why there are are so many of them working. They all not all from Mexico, either. If people don’t want to cut their own lawns, wash their cars,clean their homes, and have some one cook their meals at restaurants what are we the lazy Americans going to do? We are so used to be cattered to and serve hand and foot. That is our way. So I willhold on to my house keeper, gardner and go out to dinner. I have to problem with ANYONE that earns an honest living. Illegal or not. That is not my problem. It is a Federal one. Just ask our federal Emplyyees who keep up their lawn, home and feeds their faces? Go for it…there are so many job opportunities all around us. Let’s just see who runs out to take them over!!! Yeah right!!!

  • Anonymous

    It seems like when economic times get tough the first people to be blamed are immigrants (whether legal or illegal) this is true throughout history and NOT just in the United States.

    I would say that the great majority of those who come in illegally are really looking for nothing more than an opportunity to make a decent living. Yes, there are always examples of bad apples and yes, I think if you are illegal and you commit another crime you should be deported. YES, YES, YES.

    That said, that doesn’t address the larger economic issue of why people are drawn her or how the economy would actually fair if (as certain people want) everyone where rounded up and sent back.

  • San Mariano

    Cheap help is hard to find. But if you are desperate and need to feed your family, keep a roof over your head and pay bills, you take on whatever is avaliable.
    Many low paying jobs are not the most popular that most people don’t desire. However we do need some one to help work on the day to day mundane jobs. Where do they come from? Does it really matter as long as it gets done. I could care less who does what ever work or service around me….as long as it gets done….and the fact that I don’t have to do it. People have a right to work and prosper, if they can. No more than likely they won’t become millionaries, but then again you never know! I think we all can agree that criminals should not be allowed into our country that alone have any employment opportunity at all. They must be deported to what ever country that they came from. They are becoming a big burden on our courts, prisons and economy. They are the “real souce of the problem in our country.”

  • Brandie Woods

    The real burden on our prisons are the Death Row Inmates who get three square meals a day and a roof over there heads paid for by the taxpayers.

  • To Brandie Woods

    Go back to Baldwin Park and fight with the Latinos that are trying to improve their city by having it redeveloped and improved and stop stating misleading comments without checking her facts. Mrs. Woods, you should be ashamed at what you are doing to try to stop Baldwin Park to in improving itself!!

  • Madre-Sister Maria de Dios

    Fighting is never the answer, especially against any one group. I can’t but feel bad and heat ach for those people from Mexico who try to come over into the United States. Especially those who lose their lives coming across the baren land and fighting to stay alive and make it across. Many come in big rigs, paying all their life savings just to be left with out air and water. Left to die in the dsesserts like animals. The women are rapped and treated like sub-humans. Children are also left to die. They are victims, looking for a better way of life. They pay the price with their dignity and ultimately their lives. The Coyotes who are apid much money become richer. They are the ones that should be caught, punished and put in jail for life. Those that take human lives should be recieve the worst punishment of all. All this for a better way of life and the so called, “American Dream.” My prayers and heart felt thoughts for them and theirs.

  • Brandie Woods

    Dear “To Brandie Woods”;

    Can you please remind me when I have stated that I did not want Baldwin Park to be redeveloped? You should follow your own advise regarding those “misleading comments”. While your at it, explain what it is you think I am doing that I should be ashamed of.

    Lastly, at your earliest convenience, please strap on a pair so you can stop being so afraid to use your real name, don’t worry – I promise not to have you shot!

    Love always,

    Brandie =)

  • Anonymous

    What jobs? Most of the things we buy are made in China, bu Chinese. Cheap labor, and by children. Worse off they are full of lead and toxins. Talk about illegal harmful junk in our stores. Pass a law or policy in our city against store owners who endanger our childrens lives and our own. Use that so called knowledge you all claim to have in your heads.