Read before you park

15365-noparking.jpgParking violators beware: La Puente is thinking about increasing several of their parking citation fees.

Apparently, parking tickets in La Puente are fairly cheaper than those in surrounding cities for common violations like disobeying curb markings and parking when the street sweepers come by.

For example, a curb marking violation in La Puente is $28. In El Monte, it’s $40, $75 in West Covina and $50 in Baldwin Park… ouch.

If the increased rates are approved, violations could go up by as much as $23 depending on the violation.

See the current and proposed rate schedules here.

Also, the increase could bring in a nice chunk of change to city coffers. If the city raised the rates and doled out the same amount of citations as they did last fiscal year – 6,066 – they could make an additional $90,990 a year, according to a city staff report.