Crime and deported illegal immigrants

Illegal immigrants who return after deportation commit more crimes, the Los Angeles Times reported today.

By Anna Gorman, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
September 8, 2008

Illegal immigrants who have been deported at least once from the United States are far more likely than other immigrants to repeatedly commit crimes, according to a study by the nonprofit Rand Corp.

The data indicated that illegal immigrants, overall, were not a greater crime risk, according to the study, which looked at all inmates released from Los Angeles County Jail for a month in 2002.

But among those who previously had been deported, reentered the U.S. and were arrested and released from jail, nearly 75% went on to commit another crime within a year. And 28% were arrested three or more times during the one-year period.

The recidivism rate was much lower for illegal immigrants who had not been previously deported, with 32% of those inmates being rearrested within a year and 7% arrested three or more times during that year.

Since the data were collected in 2002, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has overhauled screening for illegal immigrants and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has poured resources into border security. But researchers said the analysis still could have public policy implications for L.A. County and other counties around the nation.

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  • Robert C. J. Parry

    Teensie weensie oversight here….

    Being an ILLEGAL immigrant means crossing a border in VIOLATION of the LAW.

    And what about the children of illegal immigrants?

  • Anonymous

    …And rolling a stop is a violation of the law just like committing a murder is violationof the law. I don’t see death row bursting at the seems with traffic scoff laws though.

    Yes, TECHNICALLY speaking illegal immigration is a violation of the law, but to compare that act with violent crime is a huge stretch. Most of those who come over are content to do work that many American’s simply aren’t interested in doing.

    Furthermore, these immigrants are not the one’s taking away high-skilled/high-paying jobs……those jobs are going to Asia and elswhere courtesy of your government.

    In my humble opinion, I think it is a better use of our time and energy to undestand the economic forces that drive immigration rather than demonize those who are simply swept up by these forces.

  • Taxpayer

    After we use our time and energy understanding these economic issues that drive immigration…what do we do about it?

  • Brandie Woods

    Someone should remind Robert C. J. Parry that, unless you are Native American, you too are an immigrant!

    Our government needs to stop wasting our resources on “securing the border” when there are so many children that will go to bed tonight with empty stomachs!

    What do you mean when you say, “And what about the children of illegal immigrants”?

  • BPer to Brandie Woods

    Hey,Hey! Now your making sense. I don’t if he’s an immigrant but he definetly comes from immigrants and who’s to say they weren’t illegal.

  • Brandie Woods


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  • stumped

    Yes some do have high paying jobs, they take what they can get and if they can get your job they will take it!! Most U.S. citizens balk at the idea, but with a fraudulent birth certificate, they can get a ss number, drivers license, student loans and a college degree… think it doesnt happen? think again, I married such a man— unbeknownst to me, and when he told me it was like telling me just a story, like he’d once been to disneyland, so nonchalant. I was dumbfounded, he asked why it mattered….. I left him and reported him to ICE and the Department of homeland security (with all necessary information regarding his real identity), and he still works in city hall, in the IT department (scary, no?) in the state capitol of a northwestern state ( I also informed the Mayor, in vain). This isnt the first such job hes had, prior to this he was fixing computer programs via remote viewing for the navy… it just seems like, they say one thing but mean another…