Water drama

Do you vote based on name recognition?

Well, Water Replinishment District of Southern California candidate Linda Fuentes, whose maiden name is Unruh wants her name to appear on the ballot as Linda Unruh-Fuentes. She is married to Chuck Fuentes, Pico Rivera’s city manager.

But according to reporter Mike Sprague’s story:

“That makes her opponent, Albert Robles, unhappy. He can’t change his name to escape the stigma of the same-named former South Gate city treasurer who was sentenced to 10 years in state prison on corruption charges.”

  • Anonymous

    If that is the case, I associate Robinson with someone with an island mentality and poor hygiene.

  • Anonymous

    Albert Robles last name is his birth name. If he has shame because it is the same as Robles from South Gate, then he should not run at all. After all “a rose by any other name is still a rose.” Grow up people.

  • George

    Does Bonnie Lowenthal ring a bell, she is running for Assembly in Long Beach… She divorced State Senator Alan Lowenthal and ran on his name…. hummmmmm…

  • Common Sense

    Her maiden name is UNRUH! Da… she not only can use it buit has every right to use it. My wife who is very senior at a wall street firm wants to keep her Jewish maiden name as well so she will be recognized by those who knew & did business with her under that name. Not because she does not want to take my Hispanic name but because name identification is what most people vote by ever heard of Gov. ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER and his wife MARIA SHRIVER SCHWARZENEGGER or how about Carolyn KENNEDY SCHLOSSBERG Please don’t be so dumb as to think she does not deserve to recognized as who she is!

  • Albert Robles

    YOU ALL MAKE VALID POINTS, and if your opinion is based solely on the poor reporting by the Whittier Daily News(again), I understand, but here are additional FACTS you should know:

    – on the very day LINDA filed papers to run against me, she for the VERY FIRST TIME registered to vote that day as LINDA UNRUH-FUENTES (with a hyphen)

    – LINDA claims that she changed her name as a result of her marriage, yet as early as this summer (June 2008) she registered to vote as LINDA L. UNRUH (FYI she got married about 5-years ago.)

    – OK, I believe her that after about 5 years of marriage she finally decided to change her name NOW, that is her right, so what evidence is there that she changed her name? Because after all, anyone that has been married knows that just because you get married does not mean that your name is automatically changed, one has to take steps like notify the DMV, SS, etc. – SO DID LINDA NOTIFY ANYONE?? NO!!!

    – She also submitted a declaration under penalty of perjury to the court that she is known as both LINDA UNRUH and LINDA FUENTES, and in court she repeated the same thing in front of reporter Mike Sprague, i.e., even she acknowledges that no body knows her as LINDA UNRUH FUENTES, nor has she ever referred to herself as LINDA UNRUH FUENTES.

    – LASTLY, and please please ask Mike Sprague about this because he heard the judge, if she changed her name to LINDA UNRUH-FUENTES, as noted on her voter registration form, why did she decide to file her candidacy as LINDA UNRUH FUENTES (without the hyphen)??? The answer is simple she forgot what name she had made-up and like most liars she tripped over her own lie. The judge asked her why she forgot the hyphen, her answer, “I DO NOT KNOW.” Then the judge asked her, do you care whether the hyphen is there or not, and her response “IT REALLY DOES NOT MATTER.” IN the end, the judge granted a writ of mandate directing the County to change her name and add the hyphen. (Something the Whittier Daily News forgot to report.)

    She changed her name supposedly and she does not care whether her name has a hyphen in it or not – please. If you believe this I have a bridge for you too.

    Shame on this paper again for not reporting ALL the facts.


    Oh, let me make a prediction… guess who the Whittier Daily News will endorse in this race… hint: she concocted her name for most political advantage… you got it LINDA UNRUH-FUENTES. Just remember it is with a hyphen, but I guess if she does not care it really does not matter whether you put it in or not.

  • Anonymous

    Linda Unruh and her husband Chuck Fuentes had their girl Gracie Smith of Pico Rivera do the same thing and use her maiden name Gallegos to appeal to voters when she first ran. As of three years ago she started using the name of Gracie Gallegos-Smith.

    The bigger deception is not how Unruh is using her maiden name, it is that, she and her “husband” just moved into Pico Rivera so she could run for the WRD.

    It wasn’t until it was becoming widely known that Fuentes had moved, that he finally had to reveal he loved Pico Rivera so much that he moved in.

    Albert Robles what is going on with your trial?

  • Albert Robles

    Thanks for asking.

    The persecution continues.

    At this time it looks like it will commence later this month, because the forces of evil are demanding that my trial happen before the election – but not for “political reasons” for “judicial reasons”. Its true, the DA is demanding that the trial be completed before the election – can you guess why? Forgive me for doubting the sincerity of our DA.

    Call me naive, but despite it all I still hope that justice will prevail.