A cat-astrophe!


As you can all probably tell, we love stories about animals here at Leftovers. So when I saw this lede from reporter Bethania Palma’s story, I couldn’t resist:

SAN GABRIEL – The Humane Society of the San Gabriel Valley has a cat-astrophe on its hands.

The shelter has the capacity to house about 100 felines, but a booming kitty population has the volunteers and staff scrambling for space. Now at double its capacity, the Humane Society is trying to raise funds to build a new cat area.

“The living quarters right now are extremely tight,” said volunteer Jennifer Tang. “We’re just overwhelmed. We really need help.”

The organization has the space — a large octagon-shaped enclosure once used for unconventional pets — but now needs to add appropriate flooring, a ceiling, drainage and cat furniture.

Tang said the Humane Society rarely euthanizes animals, so the ones that don’t get adopted typically live the rest of their lives at the shelter.

“We really want to give them somewhere where they’re comfortable and have the space to play,” Tang said.

But shelter officials said with a slow economy and breeding season in full swing, dozens of cats are getting abandoned at their doors every week.

Cat adoption, anyone?