Covina interim selected

That’s right, reporter Amanda Baumfeld said the Covina City Council appointed an interim city manager at their meeting last night. You might be surprised as to who it is:

Cynthia Kurtz, retired Pasadena City Manager, will take the top spot. She was awarded a contract for $12,900 a month with a car allowance. She will start on Oct. 1.

Apparently, the contract covers 30 hours of work a week, according to Baumfeld. But if Kurtz works more, “she will be compensated.” Baumfeld is going to find out how….


  • gilman

    I wonder if Ms. Baumfeld could find out if Ms. Kurtz will continue to receive her “retirement” pay from the City of Pasadena during her new employment period….oh, and how much?

  • Covina Taxpayer

    Gilman: Good question and good point.

    Unfortunately, it appears that the Covina City Council has put her on a “contract”, which allows Ms. Kurtz to double dip the taxpayers.

    When did Covina become a “Contract City”? Or is that the route Covina is going?

    Of all of the applicants in the pool, the council chose someone on a “interim” basis. What a waste of taxpayers money!