Thanks, from Roger

We just got this e-mail from West Covina Councilman Roger Hernandez:

It is with immense gratitude and enormous pride that I thank the City of West Covina’s Fire and Police personnel, who saved the life of my friend, Bill Schafer, at City Hall at last night’s City Council meeting.

After speaking at the podium, Bill had what looked to be a heart attack in his seat. Without even a thought several community members, including Planning Commissioner Cesar Cervantes and Human Resources Commissioner Fred Sykes rushed to his aid. Fire Chief Paul Segalla administered CPR and used one of the City’s portable defibrillators to help save him. Within three minutes, the city’s paramedics arrived and took Bill to the hospital, where he is now recovering.

I’d also like to commend Dana Sykes for calling Bill’s wife to ask for his medical history, and my colleague, Councilman Mike Touhey, for helping to arrange his wife’s arrival to the hospital.

When I got to the hospital last night, Bill’s wife, Izzy, said doctors told her the efforts of the Fire and Police departments, as well as those of the community members, had saved Bill’s life.

I have always boasted that we have the best public safety personnel in the San Gabriel Valley, and last night proved it. There is no greater joy I have than knowing that when there is a crisis, we can come together, put our differences aside, and focus on what really matters: The lives and well-being of the people who make up this special city.

I’d like to wish my friend a speedy recovery and I pray that he and his wonderful family stay strong through this tough time.

Roger Hernandez
Mayor Pro Tem
City of West Covina