More bodies in the newsroom

16066-staff.jpgWe’ve got two new reporters in the newsroom.

Rebecca Kimitch and Daniel Tedford both started this week.

Rebecca will be taking over El Monte, South El Monte and Rosemead.

Daniel is getting La Verne, Azusa and Glendora.

Everybody say welcome!

  • Anonymous

    All I see is a lunch pail

  • Donuts…

    So what are the Leftover Ladies going to do now with all your free time???

  • Take naps under my desk George Castanza style, answer comments left on the blog and eat whoever’s lunch I see. 😉

  • El Monte Resident

    Welcome aboard Rebeca and i hope you continue the good job that Jennifer was doing in El Monte (short timer) it will take a lot of energy to show our people what is realy happening in our City.