Bribery allegations out of Temple City

A developer is claiming that Temple City officials asked for money in exchange for their support on a project in the city.

TEMPLE CITY – The developer of the long-delayed Piazza mixed-use project has accused unnamed city officials of soliciting bribes in return for cooperation on the project.

The accusations were made in a countersuit filed on behalf of Randy Wang, owner of TCD Enterprises, as part of an ongoing litigation battle with the city.

“Representatives of the city of Temple City and the Temple City Redevelopment Agency have repeatedly solicited bribes from cross-complainants, and have conditioned their cooperation with the progress of the project on the payment of bribes, which have included demands for condominiums and cash payments,” the cross-complaint stated.

It also alleges officials made a specific request

Developer’s counter-complaint alleging bribery for $3,000 from Wang, which he was instructed to deliver in an envelope at an Arcadia private school. Read more.


  • Anonymous

    A developer decrying bribes!!!!!…..What’s next?: Polar bears complaining about ice.

    Even if this is true, I’ll bet the real norm is develepors offering unsolicited “expressions of gratitude” in the hope of “persuading” elected officials and city officials to “see things from their point of view.”