Your councilman, drunk in public?

It will be interesting to see how this story plays out…

Baldwin Park City Councilman arrested
By Brian Day, Staff Writer
Article Launched: 09/20/2008 01:08:59 PM PDT

BALDWIN PARK – City Councilman Anthony Bejarano was arrested late Friday on suspicion of public intoxication, police said.

Two other men were also also arrested in the incident, which occurred shortly after 10 p.m. on Ramona Boulevard near La Rica Avenue, Baldwin Park police Sgt. Chris Hofford said.

Collin Spencer, 31, of Monrovia was arrested on suspicion of drunken driving, Hofford said, and Jose Diaz, 32, of Monrovia was booked on suspicion of public intoxication.

An officer stopped to investigate when he noticed a white, 4-door sedan stopped in the middle of Ramona Boulevard with two pedestrians standing nearby, Hofford said. One of those pedestrians was Bejarano.

“What becomes apparent fairly quickly is that they were all drinking,” Hofford said.

The driver, Spencer, who allegedly moved the car a short distance in the presence of the officer, was arrested on suspicion of drunken driving, Hofford said.

Bejarano and Diaz were arrested on suspicion of public intoxication as they appeared drunk and were standing in the middle of a major roadway, the sergeant said.

“The officer characterized them as less than cooperative,” Hofford said, however they did not resist arrest or interfere with the officer.

It was not known why the car was stopped in the street or whether Bejarano and Diaz had been riding in the car prior to the incident, Hofford said.

According to court records, Bejarano and Diaz posted $250 bail for the alleged misdemeanor offense and were released. Spencer was released after posting $5,000 bail.

Bejarano and Diaz were released without court dates pending further investigation, as is common practice when dealing with public intoxication incidents, Hofford said. It was not immediately clear when Spencer is due for arraignment.

No further details were immediately available

  • The Taxpayer

    You sure it was’nt El Monte Mayor that was drunk?

  • Bisno Boy

    We are soo glad that anthony came back from college to b/p to show us how to be a drunk in public among many other things like he can’t keep a job. Wow I want my kid to be just like him [not]. I guess that tuttle guy knows what he is talking about. The mayor is a security guard and can’t keep a job more than a few years and anthony can’t keep a job. I’ll bet next we will see him at home depot with all the other day labors looking for work and giving out free legal advice. Maybe the school board can make up a letter asking anthony to resign from office to I think it’s only right. I bet marlen can get anthony some free AA classes from her work where she bullies everyone around. I hear they are taking up a collection to get rid of her to. I guess now we know why anthony continues to put his foot in his mouth at council meetings because he has a little drink before he goes there because no one would be that stupid without a little help. I hope bubba treated you nice in the drunk holding tank, you and the gay mayor and your pit bull marlen all deserve each other. Please just do the citizens a favor do your I have a vision in another city and leave b/p to the real people who want to help the community. BYE BYE SUSHI MAN

  • BP Voter

    Pacheco why do you hide under the name of Bisno Boy. Anthony can do more drunk than you can ever accomplish sober. If I had to be on the council with you I too would want to have a drink.

  • Beneadrunk

    To bp voter don’t give pacheco to much credit on that piece of writing he still hasn’t stopped laughing since sat. morning. If anyone needs to drink at the council meetings it’s pacheco. If I had to sit next to the bull dog face of marlen everytime I would definitely want to be drunk or blind. So your saying it’s ok for anthony to be drunk at council meetings that he functions better that way? I now know how he got this urban city ideal when he was out getting drunk with marlen and security guard mayor at the elephant bar. Well anthony talk to the mayor maybe there’s a opening for another security guard job in lynwood.

  • Giggles

    Has anyone ever noticed that Marlen looks like she could be Rosie O’Donell’s sister?

  • OMG


    You nailed that one on the head! She does look like Rosie!

  • A taxpayer

    If the mayor or councilmembers do not want to be arrested, run for office in El Monte and the police will drive you home instead of the station, assuming you follow their orders and all the raises they want.

  • Anonymous

    “assuming you follow their orders and all the raises they want.”

    Good point.


    Bejarano got fired from his law firm for conducting political activities at work.

    Did you know that Anthony Bejarano and Roger Hernandez of West Covina are both involved in a shady business deal with a prominent developer? Yes, its true, Bejarano keeps bad company.

    Now he was arrested for being drunk in public!? What a shame. A young man with a lot of promise bites the dust.

  • Anonymous

    Marlen Garcia Looks like ROSANNE!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    WHAT the HECK is Bejarano hanging around with a guy named “COLLIN SPENCER” for!?

    Were they going to go party with BOB SMITH and RANDY TODD?

  • to TAXPERS

    You undermine your own credibility. Anyone in the know in the SGV knows Hernandez and Bejarano aren’t exactly on friendly terms.

    Nice try though on the make stuff up game.

  • Love Baldwin Park

    Let me remind all of you people that elected officials are just as normal as anyone else.

    I’m sure they like to have a drink just as I do. Many of you act like you have never had a drink before.

    I’m not defending Mr. Bejarano, but before you start to bash someone please look your own actions and how maybe at one time you have been in a situation where you were drinking.

    I’m really tired of all the negative comments, which are just darn mean!

    Baldwing Park deserves better from all!

  • Anonymous

    I believe it is okay to be drunk in public so long as you are not a public official.

    I think that have difficulties in a marriage is acceptable, albeit regretable, unless you are a public official.

    I think if your kid gets into a single minor traffic accident in which there is no evidence of flagrant wrongdoing or criminal activity that is no reflection on you as a parent, unless you are a public official.

    I think if you occasionaly mispeak or get upset that is part of being human, unless you are a public official.

    I think public officials have an absolute duty to be completely perfect in every single aspect of their life. They may not think bad thoughts, they may not utter bad words, even if I am the only one who thinks the words are bad.

  • Baldwin Park Resident

    I would love to see how perfect “anonymous” and his family are!

    Get real.

    I would love to run a credit and a background check on you.

  • Anonymous

    I think the last anonymous was being sarcastic.

  • Baldwin Park Resident

    What the hell, lets do finger prints and a DNA check on everyone! LOL

  • Anonymous

    Sarcasm is okay, unless you are a public official. In that case you must always say things absolutely litterly.

    As for DNA, don’t be silly, only public officials should be required to do that. As for medical records, well I think if you run for office the public has a right to know about your irregular bowl or that cyst you had removed.

    I need to know who they dated or dumped in high school…because only then can I know if I can trust them.

    I think they should wear GPS bracelets so that I know where they are and what they are doing at every single moment of the day.

    I reserve the right to look at all of their personal correspondence so I know who they are in contact with and I reserve the right to review any books or magazines they read so I can be sure they are not entertaining ideas that are different from my own.

    I reserve the right to decide who their children date because that could reflect badly on the office.

  • Anonymous

    Oh ya.

    It’s okay to have a less than perfect credit score or maybe to have once missed a payment for that big screen tv you bought…that is of course…unless you are a public official.

    In that case nothing less than a perfect credit score will do.

    In fact, I think before anyone can be sworn into office they must first fill out a credit application that disclose their credit history.

  • I’m moving to baldwin park. The blog posters are way more entertaining than those in West Covina.


    TAXPERS said:

    Bejarano got fired from his law firm for conducting political activities at work.

    Did you know that Anthony Bejarano and Roger Hernandez of West Covina are both involved in a shady business deal with a prominent developer? Yes, its true, Bejarano keeps bad company.

    Now he was arrested for being drunk in public!? What a shame. A young man with a lot of promise bites the dust.

  • Brandie Woods

    “Anonymous” has my vote!!!

  • Mr. Anonymous

    Dear Ms. Woods thank you for your vote.

    However, I’ll need to know a few things about you before I risk sullying my pristine reputation or compromise my unasailable moral and ethical superiority.

    Have you ever been convicted of an infraction? misdemeanor? felony? (Please include all parking violations or friendly warnings)

    Have ever used a curse word?

    Do you smoke?

    Do you consume alcohol or caffeinated beverages?

    Have ever left a restaurant feeling a bit slightly buzzed because of the glass of wine you consumed?

    Have you every watched a movie rated PG-13 or higher and liked it?

    Do you rip the warning tag off of pillows?

    Have you ever frowned or furrowed you brow at a puppy? (or kitten?)in a harshly disapproving manner that may the animal feel bad?

    If the answer to any of these preliminary “character revealing” questions is “Yes”, I’m afraid I cannot risk having any sort of affiliation or association with you. I will also be forced to rebuke you publicly for your unacceptable wayward ways

  • In West Covina

    WC Watcher said: “I’m moving to Baldwin Park.”

    Yeah-hoorah, can you take your friend Hernandez with you?

    And Anonymous; You will never win an election! You have too many requirements, you don’t suck up enough and your not making warm fuzzy promises you cannot keep….

  • BP Voter

    This is the kind of company Anthony Bejarano keeps. Roger Hernandez is a disturbed man with a violent past. Anthony Bejarano is heading down the same path.

  • Anonymous

    I think alot of people out there are being too harsh on Mr. Bejarano. Most of you may not even be involved in local government or have had a chance to meet your local politicians. I think before you start criticizing other people take a look at yourself. Mr. Bejarano is a young educated man. Everyone does mistakes. Look at your own lives for once.

  • BPer to BP Voter

    I just read the article you posted. I really could care less about Hernandez, he’s not from here. OK, I get there’s question as to his SUV purchase. But I don’t understand were you get Hernandez is disturbed with a violent past, where is that in the article? You got something else that supports your claim.