Tick tock


I submitted a public records request around 11:30 a.m. for a police report, which should detail Friday’s arrest of Baldwin Park Councilman Anthony Bejarano, who was later released on a $250 bail for allegedly being drunk in public. No charges or a citation were filed.

Here’s the story that ran on Sunday.

Baldwin Park Police Chief Chief Lili Hadsell said she sent back the report today because she had some questions about it, and expects it to be re-submitted by the end of the day. But if it doesn’t make that deadline, the report likely won’t be released until next week because Hadsell is going out of town, she said.

Once the report is released, Councilman Ricardo Pacheco said he will decide how to proceed next. Pacheco, who believes that Bejarano was given special treatment because of who he was, said that if the police department doesn’t investigate how the incident was handled, that Pacheco will consider taking the issue to the District Attorney’s office.

On the flip side, Bejarano believes he was arrested because of who he was. Bejarano characterized the incident as, “at best, a misunderstanding.” At worse, politically motivated, he said.

More to come in tomorrow’s story.

  • Watching You

    The whole community is watching how anthony is handled on the reason he was arrested. It’s a clear cut case and there should be only one department to handle this and it is the D/A only. Why would the chief want to put herself in a position of political warfare when it can be simply be put to the D/A to see if they have enough to file charges. The chief has worked very hard to gain the respect of the citizens and this is not the time to blow it let the D/A be the fall guy. Please present the facts to the D/A and let them be the judge of it. I feel if your officer felt he had the right to arrest anthony he must of had good cause and please back up your people if they were right.

  • Watching Too

    I think the D/A should be called in. If Bejarano was just a drunk idiot, well, then he was just a drunk idiot. We all get to laugh at him and point our fingers.

    But what if the officer just arrested him to get some political mileage? I mean, if the officer didn’t have enough to arrest him, and this happens to an elected official, I wonder what kind of stuff goes on to regular citizens.

    I hope it’s the first one. A politician arrested for public intoxication a funny story and egg on Bejarano’s face. But cops feeling like they can arrest people for sh*ts and giggles, well that’s a little more serious.

  • Baldwin Park Resident

    We all read the horror stories about how regular citizens are arrested but never charged. This is certainly a way for a police department to inflict some damage to a person politically and emotionally.

    Instead of arresting people for allegedly being drunk in public, why arent these cops going after the serious criminals who are commiting rape, robbery, murders, or talking guns off the streets.

    What a waste of tax payer money for a misdemeanor that may or may not be prosecuted.

    Go after those felons who are commiting real crimes!

    Give the arresting officer a commendation! Chalk up another misdemeanor conviction and put a notch on his belt!

    I’m not trying to be a jerk to this officer, but I feel that we as residents of Baldwin Park deserve to have out tax dollars better spent on law enforcement in out city.

  • BPer to Baldwin Park Resident

    You got it kid. Ditto and just to add, maybe our police needs alittle more training on how to respond more correctly, wasting less time on lesser issues to be ready for what we really need them for.