Open Forum: How would an NFL stadium impact your community?

Hundreds of residents attended the Walnut City Council meeting last night to express their opposition to a proposed NFL stadium in the City of Industry. According to a news update written by reporter Bethania Palma:

The majority of residents in attendance opposed the project, wearing stickers that read “No stadium.” Many voiced concerns about traffic, noise, pollution and increased crime in their city.

The reality is if this stadium is not stopped our quality of life will be completely destroyed,” said resident Shiuh-Ming Ellis. “Walnut will become a suburban slum.”

Open Forum: What impact would an NFL stadium have on your community?

  • No Way Jose

    Yes, it will make an already crummy town of City of Industry that more crummy. But it draws HUGE business’, Huge Tax Revenues, and Answers the LA football Team problem. Money sells and with City of Industry being in the middle of the 10, 605 and only 15 miles from of 57 and 210 its going to be a HOPPING place.

    Come Back Rams!

  • Those in Walnut who oppose this measure are silly to think they can stand in the way of the large cultural and economic forces that DEMAND an NFL team in Los Angeles. Walnut is an insignificant town (relatively speaking)with no tack record of opposing forces this big or strong.

    Will the new stadium increase traffic? Of course. But isn’t complaining about this equivalent to complaining about having to stand in line at a bank to cash your paycheck? Yes, its time consuming but the reward makes it worth it. In other words, after we run a cost/benefit analysis, what the region stands to gain exceeds what Walnut stands to lose.

  • Walnut Taxpayer

    Might want to check with Diamond Bar who has a cozy relationship with the City of Industry.

    People need to raise HELL and take back their communities before profits showers the coffers of Majestic Realty and City of Industry.

  • area resident

    The problem everyone doesn’t understand its not a choice of the football stadium and 2.9 million square feet Office, Retail & Industrial or nothing, vacant land the way it is today. Its 4.9 million square feet Retail, office and Industrial which generates more traffic then the stadium 7 days a week is already approved and can be built tomorrow without anymore public input. So the choice is do you want the project that will generate the most traffic everyday or the Football Stadium project that will generate less traffic 364 days a year.

  • Love the NFL and JOBS

    We MUST help the NFL make City Of Industry home this stadium will help San Gabriel/Pomona Valley with Jobs ,Jobs and more Jobs -This is the correct location and time for the NFL to return.

  • truth of the matter is these local civic groups should be advocating for assurances that the local economy will receive a boost — say, by mandating a certain percentage of employees be from the surrounding area (this would also lessen the traffic burden coming into the area throughout the week). Instead, they’re looking to play the role of David (vs Goliath)and are praying for a miracle.

    Grant the inevitable and work to secure a favorable deal for the local economy.

  • I don’t really have much of an opinion (believe it or not), but I do kind of feel orphaned at the fact we don’t have a football team, since my beloved Rams left. Now, I cheer on my Fantasy Team. Did I mention that Tomlinson, first-round draft pick, is suffering from effing TURF TOE and making my team tank? Ugh!

  • Disgusted Blogger

    West Covina Watcher, are you the same person who cuses up a storm and makes sexest remarks about councilwomen? If you are, you are a pig from hell and should not be allowed any opinion on a city or any matter concerning anything. You are discusting and a disgrace to all bloggers. Get some professional help immediately, you sicko animal!!!

  • West Covina Watcher

    Yes, in fact, I am the pig who makes sexest remarks and likes to watch our council meetings and get excited about our council women.

  • Dog Spot

    Studies of the economic impact of professional sports stadiums on communities have shown that football-only stadiums don’t make that much of an economic impact. This is due to the fact that, at most, there would be only 10-12 games a year played there. Basketball arenas and baseball stadiums offer much more economically due to the higher number of games played.

    As for traffic, on those 10-12 home game dates, yes, traffic would not be pleasant. However, I think describing the future of Walnut as a “suburban slum” is a bit extreme.

  • SGV Resident

    I welcome the Stadium with open arms.

    The residents of Walnut or Diamond Bar would support the stadium if it were to be located on the other side of Industry, say near Baldwin Park or La Puente.

    While it might impact them, they don’t care about the overall impact it would have on the greater community, which would be positive.

  • UtincianilS

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  • Jake Schrom

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