Going, going, gone….

13992-ccowley_hpl.jpgThat’s right, La Puente City Manager Carol Cowley’s last day in the office was Thursday.

Technically, the last day of Cowley’s contract is the 30th, but she’s off on Monday and Tuesday, which means she gone, baby, gone.

No word yet on her contract negotiations to stay with the city as a consultant through the end of the year.

But judging from the fact that it’s Saturday night, and no special meetings have been scheduled, my gut tells me that likely won’t happen…..

  • One who knows

    She is gone and will be missed very much as she has been the best City Manager La Puente has had in a long time!

  • LP Employee

    Officials are hush hush on her drinking and verbal abuse towards employees. We can finally breath.

  • One who knows

    Looks like LP Employee is blogging on the job again! As for the accusations, they are absolutely false, therefore LP Employee is probably not a real employee.

  • Anonymous

    City officials yesterday released a preliminary report accounting for 13 cases where Cowley was caught verbally abusing employees and drinking on the job.


    I would love to see the report.I have not heard or witness any of this behavior at city hall.You should watch what you say the city manager poured her heart and soul into La Puente to fix the city going down the drain . Anyone who knew her knew she wanted the best for the city and strive to obtain that

  • John, you should know by now that people post the wackiest stuff up on this blog — actually, all blogs in the blogosphere — and more often than not are they complete fabrications. (I’m referring to commenters, not these particular blog authors) You just laugh at the absurdity, reply as witty as possible and move on to the next. When I post on my own blog, or comment on others, I’m sure to have plenty of documentation to back up my claims, which is more than I can say for most of these yahoos.