On the hunt

Records are starting to pour in for a request to look at all local agencies that currently employ or have once employed Del Terra, a construction management company that has or has had contracts with five San Gabriel Valley school districts and two cities.

Recently, Del Terra’s owner Luis Rojas tried to negotiate a deal on behalf of his sister’s company, Alliance Services Group, in La Puente, but that failed. Rosemead hired Del Terra more than a year ago.

So what are we requesting? Contracts, payment histories and bid submittals by Del Terra.

What story are we going after? It’s too early too say. It depends on the records. At the very least, it could be a success story about the Industry-based company that is branching out from its school district work to local cities.

  • West Covina Watcher

    I thought this company was a large $$$ part of West Covina Councilman Roger Hernandez’s election team ?
    I am not sure if I am correct does any else know if my memory is correct I think I read it somehere

  • Gilman

    He once helped Roger Hernandez when he was on the school board, but rumor has it that Hernandez attempted to extort Del Terra for thousands.

    Del Terra cut all ties to Hernandez. This is why today Hernandez finds himself all alone and can not raise money. He did this to many people that once were his friends.

  • Anonymous

    Hernandez doesn’t need to raise money. He just got reelected last year. One of the other guys who got reelected then is thousands of dollars in debt. Haven’t heard anything similar about Hernandez, so I assume he’s doing fine.

  • West Covina Watcher

    Anonymous Councilmember Roger Hernandez loaned himself $11,900.oo during the last election cycle according to the 460 Forms filed on July 31, 2008. A guy unemployed loaned himself $11,900.00? Where did he get the money? Ziad Alhassen?

  • the real gilman

    any basis for claiming Hernandez got the $11,000+ from Alhassen? or is it just speculation and a general dislike for Hernandez?

    Wonder how much Touhey is paid each year for his “consulting” services by businesses thriving under his watch in West Covina?


    Yes, Hernandez got paid from Alhassen. I pulled his 700 forms and his campaign statements from City Hall.

    Hernandez is also teamed up with shady characters who are tied to Councilman Anthony Bejarano in Baldwin Park.

    The “loan” that Hernandez got was quickly paid back IN CASH…suspicious.

  • Anonymous

    How else do you expect a loan to be repaid? Because it’s listed as a ‘cash expenditure’ doesn’t mean it was literally paid back in unmarked, non-sequential $100 bills! In fact, I’m pretty sure that no expenditure (and no contribution) of $100 or more can be paid in cash. Since I haven’t read in the paper that Hernandez got busted by the FPPC for this, I tend to think this did not happen they way you are saying it happened.

  • West Covina Watcher

    West Covina is the only City that doesn’t allow any cash to be received by candidates. All donations received most be reported name and address and paid by check only. All other cities have you only report donations over $99.00 dollars. West Covina also has campaign restrictions $1,000.00 per business and $500.00 per individual $500.00 per pac with a 3 pac limit. Councilmember Roger Hernandez took $1,000.00 from Maha Alhassen thats $500.00 over the limit from Ziad Alhassen’s wife(page 4 Form 460 1-01-08-6-30-08 stamped on July 31,2008).The other donors were Lamia Alhassen $500.00, Rafif Alhassen $500.00, Aziz Issa $500.00 Ziad’s sisters family(also on page 4 of the same Form 460). Roger also took $396.00 in unreported donations which is against campaign disclosure laws in West Covina. Roger had to list the individuals names (also on page 4 same Form 460). Thats 4-$99.00 checks which I am willing to bet where they are from! Roger also paid Kindee Durkee & Assoc. $782.99 who’s understand investigation in Los Angeles (page 7 same Form 460).

  • Anonymous


  • WC Resident

    Seems like Hernandez CAN NOT raise any money except from Alhassen.

    Political consultant Kindee Durkee, who was slapped with a $10,500 fine in 2007 by the FPPC for violating state campaign finance rules during an LA City Council race, as a treasurer or responsible party.

    Roger Hernandez keeps bad company.