Just say no to NFL



Walnut city leaders aren’t just saying “no” to the stadium. They also could be saying “no” to anything that may support the success of the stadium, including the widening of roads, nightclubs, hotels and liquor stores.

The Walnut City Council, at the suggestion of Mayor Joaquin Lim, left, Wednesday tonight is considering placing a moratorium on land uses “in response to the NFL stadium.” Read the staff report here.

When I asked Industry Mayor Dave Perez about this, he said he was “highly disappointed” by the actions that the Walnut City Council has taken, and said that it could affect future partnerships between Industry and Walnut.

  • No Backbone!

    Walnut City Council postponed to take action on the whole matter.

    Doesn’t anyone or citizens have the backbone to tell Industry to thumb down this stadium nightmare that will ruin our lives?

    It is very sad that the mighty dollar signs is spewing out of this project for those that will make money on this junket.

  • Anonymous

    Mayor Lim is useless. I will never vote for him again.

  • Backbone

    I’m supporting the stadium.

    Ease up on the “ruin our live” rhetoric. You’re sounding worse than Palin, and that’s saying something.

  • anonymous

    yeah, ease up on the stadium….everyone knows that stadiums improve the area and surrounding neighborhoods…..or not.

    and by all means don’t sound like Palin, instead profess the great change that Obama will bring….real reform.

    Such as bringing in a professional bureaucrat/politician like Biden to run with him….you know, the very kind of guy we are all fed up with. Now that is rhetoric…..

  • Anonymous

    Oh, stop making fun of Palin. She reads all the newspapers, so she must read all the blogs, too. You wouldn’t want to hurt her feelings.

  • Anonymous


    A pit bull can improvise without a script…………oh and lipstick.

  • Say it ain’t so Joe

    I would ask whether Palin could read or not, but that’s an easy answer, considering the scripts she memorizes, and the questions she ignores.

  • Mr. & Mrs. Tran of Walnut

    All Mayor Lim is doing is trying to create front page buzz.

    We will never vote for him again.