So, at Monday night’s Azusa City Council meeting there was a bit of drama when Roger Starks, a marketing consultant, stepped to the podium to announce a petition to start a recall of council members Angel Carrillo and Uriel Macias.

Apparently, while we had some clue this might happen as well as another news outlet, no one mentioned it to the City Clerk.

This is important because papers to start a recall — a mere 35 signatures, according to Starks — have to be formally filed with the City Clerk before the next phase can begin, which no one seemed to do in this case.


All that trouble for nothing.

I called Starks to let him know the city told me the papers had not been filed and he seemed confused.

He was under the impression someone had already contacted the City Clerk.

Starks, when he was a young, struggling actor, used to work as a process server to earn some extra dough. When one of his clients sought help in serving the recall papers, he took on the task — without payment. Little did he know that handing the papers over at a city council meeting after describing why a recall is needed during public comment, then arguing about the process with the City Clerk and then being told to sit down by the City Attorney, isn’t a formal submission.

I expect the papers will be formally submitted sometime soon, but until then, Macias and Carrillo are still off the hook.

Also, at the same meeting, I learned it was the 51st anniversary just the other day of Sputnik being launched by the Russians. The original date was Oct. 4, 1957.

The more you know.