Another one bites the dust

A Pomona City Councilman was arrested for driving drunk.

Pomona councilman Elliot Rothman arrested in DUI


POMONA – Pomona City Councilman Elliott Rothman was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, police said Wednesday.

According to the sheriff’s department, Rothman, 50, was arrested by Pomona police at 11:03 p.m. Tuesday and was booked for a misdemeanor about 20 minutes later.

Pomona police Sgt. Mike Olivieri confirmed the arrest, but referred calls to City Manager Linda Lowry’s office for all other details, which were not immediately released.

A court date was set for 8 a.m. Thursday at Pomona Superior Court, the sheriff’s department reported.

Rothman has served on the Pomona City Council for 12 years, according to the city’s Web site.

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  • Anonymouse

    I wonder if that idiot Tuttle is going to go after this drunken councilman. If he’s as righteous as he tries to make himself seem, he would try to fix things in his own city.

  • Anonymous

    May we add Council people that are caught drunk at conferences like Temple City’s Cathe Wilson and Ken Gillanders?

  • Anonymous

    I hate drunk driving, but why do we think that elected officials are any different than the public? I’m shocked every time I go to a sports event, resturant or social event where drinking is encouraged. I know everyone has seen people drinking to excess and then getting into the car to drive home. Those we elect should show more concern about the public trust we place in them, but as long as we, the public, conedone drinking and driving like we do, we are all to blame is some way. I know, everyone is against drunk driving but no one wants to be the one to get involved.

  • Anonymous

    Add Ernie “the town drunk” Gutierrez the Mayor of El Monte ….put him first on the list and also driving and crashing while intoxicated, twice. On second thought he goes to the TOP of the list!!!

  • Anonymous

    I realize the public officials do have an unwritten obligation to set a good example which includes not drinking and driving. I do agree with the previous poster however that many of the same people who claim to be outraged, incesensed and disgusted whenever a public official is “caught in the act” don’t seem to be terribly outraged or even vocal when a non-public official does the same thing….I even wonder if many of these same “saints” haven’t tied one on a time or too themselves…Oh Oh Oh but that’s “DIIIIFERENT” in their case. Right??? Because if a non-official drink and drives that’s just an American exercising his God given right to buck authority….Who cares if I might kill someone in the process.

    Maybe the problem is that we have to many events now where drinking is strongly encouraged with a knod and wink with very little logistical thought as to how all those drunk folks plan on getting home.

  • anonymous

    To the person’s comment about “The town drunk” Gutierrez the mayor of El Monte, do not try to find records of the mayor been arrested because he is elected to follow police orders and give them any raise whenever requested…

  • To The Idiot

    If you had done your homework and not shot your mouth off first you would have seen tuttle took this councilman to civil court years ago.Tuttle would be the first to say the guys a drunk and a loser but one thing Rothman doesn’t screw with tuttle anymore after the lawsuit the city and Rothman lost against tuttle. Also for your small mind tuttle told the council man at the hearing that next time don’t wear sweats to court and don’t come in hung over but like Benjarano he wouldn’t listen to good advise. I’am very confident benjarano will end up the same way but one thing is for sure he won’t last that long in politics. Tuttle is not interested in pomona council right at this moment because his business of 28 years is in BP where he makes his living. I might add pomona has learned a lesson about screwing with him not like the illiterate and drunks of BP council oh i almost forgot big mouth Marlen. It seems at the council meetins recently Marlen is doing a good job of keeping her mouth shut because she doesn’t want to piss tuttle off anymore. The council has resorted to the bisno groupies to slam tuttle and that’s even funnier listening to the loser group that’s why tuttle goes home early now because he can’t stop laughing and doesn’t want the mayor to throw him out for laughingto hard.

  • Anonymous

    I hope that the residents of El Monte vote someone else in as mayor. That city needs a definate change of command.They are sinking real fast. The people always get the short end of the stick. They better wake up and do right by voting come November 2009!

  • Smarty Pants

    Okay… so if Tuttle took this Pomona councilman to court and won a few years back, why is this guy still on the City Council? If Tuttle is effective as he says he is about cleaning house in BP, why didn’t he clean sweep the City Council in Pomona?

  • WC Dudette

    Roger Hernandez just earned another star for having his campaign manager CONVICTED of voter fraud.


    To the people that have to know tuttle didn’t take him to court to get him out of office that would be called a recall just like your 3 buddies BP council are facing STILL. It was a civil matter that had to do with rothman and the city of pomona pissing tuttle off once again. Now you do your homework and find out what that was about ok? No more hints.

  • Anonymouse

    To “Dear Clueless”:

    For someone who claims not to be Tuttle, you sure know a lot about him. What, are you two gay lovers or something? I KNEW you were jealous of Lozano and Corona being lovers! You wanted to join their love tryst, but they turned you down, didn’t they?

    Tuttle (or should I call you Cletus?), we all know that’s you posting here. So quit referring to yourself in the third person, you stupid jackass.


    Wow Anthony let’s not get our panties in a bunch you sound sexually frustrated. I think you should check your reference to a jackass as stupid that animal is much brighter than you on the scale of stupidity. If you can’t play nice and sober then don’t play on the inter-net.