El Monte residents continue to speak out against raises

El Monte resident Elsie Neilson has this to say about the police chief and assistant cheif salaries. Do you agree or disagree? :


In view of El Monte’s budget deficit and the Nation’s financial crisis, this is certainly a poor time for the El Monte City Council’s vote to increase the salaries of our Police Chief and Assistant Police Chief to $234,000 and $195,000 respectively. WHAT IS THE COUNCIL THINKING??

If research had been done regarding salaries of Police Chiefs in surrounding cities, they would have found that El Monte salaries are considerably higher, so it is not a matter of having to be competitive, as Mayor Gutierrez says.

Talk about inequities….this is the ultimate slap in the face to the taxpayer who has lost his job and still must pay taxes for what seems to me to be obscene salaries.

Note, for comparison, that the yearly salary of the Vice President of the United States is presently $221,000.

Elsie Neilson

  • CR

    The City is in such a financial crisis. I disagree with these salary increases. I do believe, however that police office deserve to be paid appropriately for the job they do. However, I would like to see the officers who patrol and keep our streets SAFE get a raise. Not behind the desk officers!

  • thejay

    The pay may be high but the VP comparison is poor. The VP gets more in “other” benefits than the police chief does, unless room and board comes with the position.

    If you calculate in the cost of retirement that the city pays for police you will really think that the pay is crazy.

  • Anonymous

    While in office the VP gets room and board, but El Monte PD has a better retirement and insurance package than the federal government offers.

    Unfortunately it is that the residents who can afford it least, are the ones that will be hardest hit by the increase in sales tax. Not everyone can jump in their car and head to Rosemead or Arcadia to shop. The tax may not be on food or prescriptions, but it is on aspirin, shampoo, soap, toothpaste, etc…

    The city council that voted “yes” on these obscene raises should hang their heads in shame for their mismanagement of city funds. You have betrayed the citizens of this city.

    Don’t trust these people with more money. They have proved themselves incapable of sound sensible judgement. Vote “NO” on measure GG!

  • A poor taxpayer

    We are the only city in California where the Chief of Police makes more money than his boss (City Manager) that tells you who is pulling the strings for the city manager and also the 4 council members Gomez, Barrios, Ishigaky and Gutierrez. Are these people promoting Democracy or Anarchy when they have to follow the orders of the chief of police or they will loose their seat next election. Now you see why we are constantly in the red when it comes to balance the budget.

  • El Monte Resident and Voter

    It should be noted that in 2006 the budget had a surplus and the same people were on the El Monte City Council, so if we now have a deficit it is due to the problems with the economy statewide and nationwide. We should therefore not blame the council for our problems with the economy.

  • anonymous

    In December 2007 we already knew that the economy was going down the tubes, but you should know that it was pay back time for Councilwoman Ishigaky and mayor Gutierrez that just came back to the seat the previous month and the $10,000.00 that the police gave to each of them, they had to give them a 1 million dollar a year raise that you and me have to pay and not happy with that they just gave a $50,000.00 raise to our new chief and about $40,000.00 raise to the assistance chief, so i think it is time to wake up and vote wisely next time because you can not blame the economy in this situations when everybody is finding out more and more that the 3 council members and the mayor have to protect their mentors or biggest donors first and then you and me get stuck with the bill.

  • Anonymous

    To El Monte Resident and Voter:

    I suggest you do more research. In June of 2006, Measure P was on the ballot. The purpose was to raise funds for public safety. That was the year there was a HUGE deficit, but after Measure P failed they found an error and came up with more money. The city was NOT on solid financial ground in 2006!! According to the city website, Measure P was also known as “El Monte Safety Public Funding act of 2006”.

    This bunch of fools have been trying to milk the taxpayers for a couple of years. They will only run requests for tax increases every other year, because they want us to forget how they have been screwing up when election time rolls around. Next year you won’t hear a thing about financial problems since it will be an election year for the mayor and the two councilmen.

  • A nice Taxpayer

    If everybody read the blue print for Measure “P” it suppose to raise 4 million dollars a year and the 4 Stoogies at the city council requested that the money must be only for the police dept. and chief weldon could spend it at his own discretion (raise for all his fiends) so finaly we are getting to the root of the problem in this City, too much manipulation by the police dept. and they are not the ones we select during elections.

  • The Taxpayer

    Next year Gomez and Barrios come up for election where already working to move them out.I have a real good rumor from deap city stuff who they want. Will let you know after more intell.

  • Anonymous

    The voters and residents of El Monte must vote to get Gutierrez, Barrios and Gomez out of office and replace them with honest, credible community leaders. They have proven that they no longer care about the community which they represent. They only care about the El Monte Police, no one else. They have betrayed us for the last time. Shame on those four do-nothings. This in cludes Emily who is running for Mayor of El Monte. One dummy for another. We don’t think so. Emily needs to be given an intellegence test. She would score very low. Just watch the city council meetings. What an embaressment and joke she is. She just cackles like the court jester. God help us.

  • anonymous taxpayer

    Emily received the orders to run for mayor you should know from which department and the last person said a Dummy replacing another Dummy, isn’t that an even trade…Emily needs an inteligence test and Mayor Ernie will need inteligence and alcohol test, no wonder our city is in such a mess….

  • The Taxpayer

    The poor people in this town make there votes count. Why move, when the Police Dept. lines them up and feeds them every Xmas week. Just when election time comes there a sign in front of there house put there at nite time buy the PD. seen this all to often.

  • Anonymous Resident

    This is true of El Monte’s politics. Trade one dummy for another is all that will happen if Emily runs. We watch her on cable at the city council meetings. All she does is laugh and make stupit remarks and comments. She oviously is a high scool drop out. No collede education what’s so ever. Doesn’t she realize that residents are watching and listening to her. What an embaressment. We really need someone who can put two sentences together and balance a cities budget. Even a calculator does not help her one bit.

  • Spell Check

    Yes, I agree and the ability to spell would be desirable as well.

    “what’s so ever”?

    Mr. Teapot. Allow me to introduce you to Mr. Black Kettle.

  • A Taxpayer

    About last comments Spell Check, you should let people express their opinion because i do not think you are perfect neither. Thanks again to the Tribune Blogs we are finding out more and more about our so called leaders that represent us and as we can tell they are in for the money and taxpayers have to wait… If you do not beleive me, ask the 4 stoodgies that we have in our council at this time and Emily already said it that they are in to protect their Masters that control them (Police Chief Weldon $200,000.00 a year pension man that you and me have to pay) Emily $85,000.00 pension, Emily’s husband $90,000.00 and they claim that they sponsor the children parades but who end up paying? we do…


  • Anonymous

    Wah wah wah!!!! Yes, I’m the BIG, BAD, ANTI-DEMOCRATIC ELITIST who calls people on the irony of their tirades: Like calling someone “stupit” and uneducated while at the same time demonstrating a measure of stupidity and poor schooling themselves.

    Yeah right!! If we allow people like ME to make commments, then the next INEVITABLE step is communism.

    If you don’t like being CALLED “stupit” then learn to spell. That’s all. The real DICTATORS here are idiots like you who think that somehow no one can criticize YOU even though you feel it’s your right to criticize everyone else.

  • Another Anonymous

    Anonymous said: “If you don’t like being CALLED “stupit” then learn to spell. That’s all. The real DICTATORS here are idiots like you who think that somehow no one can criticize YOU even though you feel it’s your right to criticize everyone else.”

    Why do you constantly attack the posters? Why are you so protective of the El Monte City Council? If you don’t agree with someone, post what you think about what they said, not who they are. If you think the council is doing a good job, tell us what they’ve done. How can you be surprised when people attack you personally? They are responding to your personal attacks.

    By the way… “comments” does not have three (3) “M’s” in it.

  • anonymous

    Anonymous said:

    Today we enjoyed the parade but should we call it children’s parade or Police’s Parade, we all know that Councilwoman Ishigaky have to constantly kiss them to keep her job and had to mention the council mentors Chief Weldon and exchief Clayton and looks to me that we are warming up for next election and they have to mention the police everyday and how great they are so people will vote for whoever they say and mudsling the ones that do not want to play their game. So Emily i do not care how you put, we the taxpayers are paying for the parade and keep buying more lipstick because you are going to need it.

  • Anonymous

    I received a flier today in favor of measure “GG” goverment greed and guess who is on the pictures Ken Weldon $225,000.00 a year salary, Brian Glick police officer making $125,000.00 a year, Los Angeles Sheriff Lee Baca $300,000.00 a year and you can see why they are supporting this Measure they do not worry about their incomes and we have a lot of people in El Monte making $30,000.00 a year and they have to work hard on top of it, so think about it before making a decision for Measure “GG”, Measure “D”, and Measure “KC” and as a reminder for measure “KC” our school supt. is making $225,000.00 a year plus benefits also…

  • Lefty the Cat

    Police salaries aren’t the only ones that are out of control in El Monte. Mid-managers in particular have union-mandated pay increases, and bonuses such as longevity. The police are taking a lot from the city budget but there’s fat at the top that could be trimmed at City Hall too.

  • Anonymous

    EVERYONE will need to make sacrifices. That is the MORAL thing to do.

    EVERYONE means Police, Mid-Managers, SEIU and Management.

    Here’s an idea. Why not EVERYONE agree to put off cost of living increases for a couple of years or agree to an across the board percentage decrease in salaries to show El Monte residents that EVERYONE in City Hall is willing to make a sacrifices too.

    This only works if EVERYONE participates….SPOILED BABIES (and you know who you are) shouldn’t expect to be excluded.

  • anonymous

    Do not forget that the police union and Chief Weldon run the campain for whoever wants to play their game like Emily, Ernie, Gomez and Barrios and the spring they have in their neck only moves forward when time comes to approve unlimited raises for them…

  • Anonymous


    The time for whining and finger pointing is OVER.


    The time for scapegoating and blame assigning is over.


    The residents of El Monte have done their part, now its time for City Hall to do its part.


  • Anonymous agreeing with Anonymous

    I hope you are at the next city council meeting. I like your style. Ever consider running for office? Would you like to run for mayor. Your only competition will be maybe Ernie and definitely, Emily. You’ll get my vote.