LP meeting re-cap

I got an e-mail from La Puente Mayor Louie Lujan yesterday rounding up some of the highlights from Tuesday night’s meeting

A proposal to allow alcoholic beverages at the new Community Youth center was stalled once again.

Resolution against Measure R passed

Resolution supporting the NFL stadium passed

Resolution supporting Measure RR passed

I made a public statement about Sheriff’s on cell phones. I have received 5 complaints in the last week or two (2 new ones this morning) about deputies talking on phones when they are in their squad cars. It is becoming very problematic. I demanded that the new Captain stop this behavior.

Busy night…….

  • West Covina Watcher

    I’m not too familiar with the city of La Puente, but I’ll say I’ve heard this about Lujan: says all the right things with a smile, but seems to deliver little. Is this accurate?

    He also has an impressive receding hairline for his age.

  • Anonymous

    So true to saying the right thing but no deliver and true about the hairline… LOL

  • WC Bulldog

    Lol, hes’s a cool guy.

    I dont think ANY of our elected officials deliver on anything. I mean look at Obama or Bush, or McCain: all words and little delivery.

    I actually like him because he seems to believe in what he is saying. He is one of the few young elected officials not in trouble.

    I went to HS with him and he was always very smart and liked to take the lead on group projects. I always assumed he would end up in politics. He seems natural for it.

  • LP Obama Supporter

    Yeah, he is one of those guys that people just like. He has a lot of political smarts. He knows what to say and when to say it.

    Anyway, enough about Lujan. Does anyone know who the new manager in LP is?

  • WC Resident

    Like most politicians, Lujan obviously loves the limelight. E-mailing the reporter to boast about making a public statement “demanding” the Sheriffs not be on their cell phones? Sounds like something Roger Hernandez would do here.

    LOL – “He also has an impressive receding hairline for his age.”
    I hate to admit it, but I actually went to La Puente’s website to see his photo. It is true, although I’m not sure “impressive” is the right word to use.

  • Allison Young

    There is a clear law enforcement exception written into the law regarding cell phone use. Complaining about officers on the cell phone is like complaining about them speeding when they are rolling red.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, cops need to stop talking on phones. I think Lujan was right. Council needs to demand that they stop this. Even if there is an exception, it looks bad.

  • Rogaine

    Pass a resolution to use me ASAP.

  • anon

    Why is this guy worried about the nfl or the “sheriffs on cell phones”. What he should be worried about is how to stop all of the gang violence plauging his city. La Puente is violent and dangerous and not a safe place to raise a family. Instead of dogging the sheriff department about their cell phone habits, he should be in high communications with them in solving this gang violence epidemic. Do not worry about his hair line, by the time he is 40 years old he will be completely bald.