Reward may bring closure

Being a reporter is often a thankless job. In fact, it is often one filled with things very different than thanks. In fact, it usually runs more with words that start with an h and sound like bait. Or other people think reporters “b-lame.”

But it is nice when something you do seems to have some sort of a positive impact, if one can be found.

At tonight’s Azusa City Council meeting, Mayor Joe Rocha will bring to the discussion the idea of a $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction in the case Pauline Squires.

Squires was killed in a hit and run four years ago, and her mother Yoshiko was disappointed that a reward was never offered. More can be found on this story here:

Who knows if the reward will catch the killer, but if this can bring some closure to the Squireses, I guess that is something.

In other city council notes, chalk another one up against Measure R.

The measure on November’s ballot would institute a half cent sales tax to benefit transportation, but has been widely opposed by a lot of cities in the San Gabriel Valley. Glendora opposed voted to oppose it last week, others have in the past, and now La Verne is getting in on the anti-Measure R party. A resolution to oppose the measure appears on tonight’s council meeting agenda.