Robles cleared of all charges…no, not that Robles

Albert Robles was cleared of all charges he was facing for allegedly violating campaign codes, Airan Scruby reports.

Albert Robles serves on the Water Replinishment District of Southern California, and unfortunately shares the name with the former South Gate treasurer who was convicted to 10 years in prison of corruption.

Robles, 39, of the WRD, out of Lakewood, has served on the board since 1992.

  • Albert Robles

    Thank you for trying to clarify my identity.

  • Anonymous

    Both of the men named ALBERT ROBLES are CROOKS!

  • Albert Robles

    Coward? Identify yourself?

    Don’t be afraid Virginia, despite the effort of some this is still the United States of America and I respect your freedom of speech right.

    See the thing about freedom of speech is that it goes both ways, which entitles me to call you a frigid bitter old lady who fails to recognize that these are not the 1950’s anymore and it is OK to criticize politicians.

  • Albert Robles

    oh yeah – your moma!!

  • Anonymous

    Albert Robles is a crook. He represents all that is bad about elected officials.

  • Albert Robles

    It is easy to say anything anonymously, I know because I did it in a campaign flier. But unlike your anonymous comment above, my anonymous comment was not negative nor did it in anyway attacked anyone. Also unlike your comment the DA decided to prosecute me, but not you or the hundreds of others who mail stuff anonymously attacking the character and integrity of persons – why?

    Regardless, if you say I am a crook then prove it and give an example to enlighten everyone. After all you are doing this anonymously, so if you have examples tell everyone about it, and you will be protected in your anonymity.

    Pretty please.

  • Anonymous

    Albert Robles is a crook. He represents all that is bad about elected officials.

  • Albert Robles

    Can provide at least one example to support your claim

  • BP Resident

    God, I hate this idiot Robles more and more every time he opens his stupid trap. If he was half as smart as he swears he is, he’d just shut up and not respond to any of the accusations/allegations and just let this whole thing die already. Every time he comments, it makes me wanna cave his stupid smug face in.

  • Albert Robles

    Thanks for your suggestion, but it is because I did not respond in the past to all the false accusations and left them unchallenged for years that people continued making the completely false unfounded claims.

    The fact that you got so violent tells me that maybe you should consider enrolling in an anger management class.

    Let me know if you want me to recommend one.

    Again, thank you anonymous Mr. BP Resident.

  • Another guy from BP

    Albert: just can’t shut up, can you?

  • Albert Robles

    Maybe I was not clear, so let me try again.

    As I explained above my silence for the last few years has let these false rumors and baseless accusations fester and be repeated and repeated. I will no longer ignore nor remain silent.

    Just like you can’t either.

  • LIL

    You were found not guilty. It doesn’t mean the charges against you were invalid.

    For almost a year you have been talking about how Cooley has had a conspiracy against you.
    Cooley didn’t put in the complaint against you, it came from what your friends on the waterboard told the D.A.’s office.

    The D.A’s office talked to them,because the complaint was filed against them and the misleading and UNTRUTHFUL flyers that everyone thought that they put out.

    Don’t worry, probably because of the same type of logic shown in court, you’ll win your waterboard race.

  • Albert Robles


    let me clarify a few things:
    1. ONLY the DA Steve Cooley can file a criminal complaint.
    2. There was NOTHING in the complaint against me about misleading and/or untrue statements.
    3. I was charged with violating Government Code Sections 84300 and 84305 – I know this may be asking for too much but please look up the law and read it for yourself – be informed, and you decide.
    4. To the extent that I am the ONLY person ever to have criminal trial for sending an anonymous campaign mailer shows that I was indeed selected for special prosecution. Again, FIRST EVER!!
    5. Re the logic of the trial. When the DA finished presented their evidence and rested their case, so did I, i.e. I did not present any evidence – NONE. The jury deliberated ONLY 20 min. NOT GUILTY.

    FYI, I never denied paying for the mailing of the campaign mailers – so you are correct I did do it. I always admitted to the paper that I did it – look it up.

    Lastly, regarding the election, yes I hope to be re-elected. What should have you upset is that this newspaper after acknowledging that we are in a severe water crisis, and that we need the best and brightest managing our water supply, then inexplicably instead of asking the voters to vote for the best qualified, most experienced, most knowledgeable, and most educated and also recognizing that “Linda Unruh is not as water-knowledgeable as Albert Robles” recommending instead that voter vote for the most politically connected?? (She did not even know what the peripheral canal was!!!) THIS IS SHOCKING!!!

    If it was indeed a misleading and untruthful flyer, then file a civil complaint.