Looking for some good press

This just in from reporter Amanda Baumfeld:

With the endless controversy that seems to emit from Montebello City Hall it appears they are attempting to promote themselves in a better light.

The council voted unanimously to add the position of city spokesperson to staff. The public information officer will be paid between $61,764 and $75,096. Not a bad salary for a time when most cities are in debt and have hiring freezes on their hands.

A staff report indicates, “there is a need to provide timely information of an often crucial nature to the public through the use of press releases, articles, message boards, announcements, flyers and broadcast.”

No word on who they will hire or when the new spokesperson will start.

  • WC Resident

    If Montebello needs advice on who to hire I have a suggestion, the PIO from West Covina. After all, it doesn’t seem she does much around here and she already knows Glasman. That way West Covina can dump her salary on someone else!