Hate crime in Covina. Where’s that investigation?

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Supervisor Michael Antonovich is calling for a ‘hate crime investigation’ into a West Hollywood display depicting Sarah Palin hung and John McCain emerging from a fiery chimney. If he is commenting on this ‘hate crime,’ which some are still debating whether it is in fact a hate crime, he should be calling for an investigation into a hate crime that occurred a week ago in unincorporated Covina.

Amanda Baumfeld reports that an African American woman last week discovered that someone spray-painted the n-word on her car.

The house is located in unincorporated Covina, a section of the county that is represented by Los Angeles County Supervisor Gloria Molina.

Baumfeld’s story will appear in tomorrow’s paper.

  • Anonymous

    Do we have a name(s) on the perpetrators?

  • anonymous

    Supervisor Antonovich must be a REpublican that is the main reason he is asking for an investigation, because i do not see any hate crime involved, sorry mr. Antonovich but this is called freedom of expression and is legal…

  • Lefty the Cat

    It’s not a hate crime to hang or burn an effigy of a tyrant such as George W Bush or John McCain. The Republicans have long held a double standard about fair play and what constitutes free speech. It’s OK so long as the dummy hanging from the tree represents one of their growing list of opponents.