Power couples

We are considering doing a story about political married couples, such as Mike Eng and Judy Chu, or Montebello Councilwoman Rosie Vasquez and her husband, Central Basin Municipal Water District Director Ed Vasquez.

Do you know of any married couples where both people serve on elected seats?

  • Anonymous

    I think that would be a great idea. I am sure you
    will uncover many things.

  • How about Ed and Renee Chavez, even though I don’t think they’re too powerful anymore. Bob and Libby Dole…Oh, wait. Yeah, they’re not powerful anymore either. You know, that’s a tough one to be SGV-centric. I think you got the two.

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t that a form of nepotism not necessarily powerful?

  • CONTRERAS’ – Baldwin Park & Irwindale’s Trio

    Here’s a family of 3 – Alfonso “Al Contreras”, Director of the Upper San Gabriel Valley Water District, his wife Maria Contreras, Baldwin Park City Treasurer and Al’s son, Jonathon Contreras who is a director for the Valley County Water District.

  • Anonymous

    They’re not a “couple,” but the Calderon brothers from Montebello have been trading offices between themselves for years.

  • Anonymous

    Please don’t confuse power with simple last name id.

  • anonymous

    What about El Monte Mayor Ernie Gutierrez and his new wife, that is the way he introduced her during the last 5 de Mayo fiasco at the Community Center and her name is Graciela Solano…

  • Drop it like it’s hot

    It’s not nepotism if both were voted in office. It would be nepotism if one was in office and hires his/her spouse to be on his/her staff.

  • Anonymous

    Is it nepotism if the daughter of the Superintendent of schools works for the school district? I understand that is the case in El Monte Elementary. Hmmm, his wife who is now retired, did she become a principal before or after he was superintendent?