Azusa and Glendora City Council hopefuls

Still working on getting in touch with some of the hopefuls for City Council in Azusa and Glendora, but here is a list of names of those who have pulled papers during the nomination period. The period opened Monday and ends the first week in December.

Pulling papers doesn’t mean the person will run for City Council, but does show their interest. In order to officially run, papers must be submitted and then approved by the L.A. County Registrars office.


Mayor Karen Davis pulled papers, showing hopes for reelection.

And two newcomers pulled papers, Gene Murabito and a regular at council meetings, Edward Brubaker.


All three incumbents up for reelection pulled papers, which are Keith Hanks, Robert Gonzales, and Mayor Joe Rocha.

City Clerk Vera Mendoza is seeking reelection and a regular speaker during public comment at council meetings Art Morales is planning a run against her.

As for newcomers to the city council, Edward Alvarez pulled papers.

  • TC Resident

    How about some coverage on the Temple City election? So far, incumbents Cathe Wilson and Ken Gillanders have pulled papers. Tom Chavez, a Cathe lackey, has also pulled papers. Who else has pulled papers?

  • Voters in the March 3 elections will find more coverage at — a project of the League of Women Voters Education Fund.

    Go to and type in your address and zip code to receive a list everything on your ballot. Links will lead you to more info on candidates who have posted their campaign material.

    Candidates may receive virtually unlimited free web space at as long as they observe the League’s guidelines of positive campaigning.

    Any candidate wishing to participate should email his/her phone number to