Signs, signs, everywhere are signs

I’ve driven around several San Gabriel Valley communities now and there are still lingering political signs. Ones that come to mind are for Clarence Wong and Andrew McIntyre, and I’m sure there are loads more. How long do you think it will be before we see those tore down?

Perhaps if we take a tally of the number of locations that have these signs, we could track how long it takes before they are torn down. Or I guess if we see them we could simply pull over, take them down, and call the people responsible for them and let them know that we have the rest of their signs for them. Just a recommendaiton…

  • disgusted in Covina

    Hey, here’s a thought: The candidate is ultimately responsible for the signs. We (or should I say the “authorities”) know where they live. How about a visit from the gendarmes! PICK UP YOUR FREAKING SIGNS! I would vote for someone actually out there picking up the litter from their campaign!

  • covina resident

    I know in Covina Mayor KEvin Stapleton usually is out on election night or the morning after taking his signs down. Perhaps more candidates and elected officials could follow his lead. Just a thought…