Trouble in paradise?

10954-caraoffice.jpgIt seems James Treasure is no longer with CARA, the Community Alliance for Redevelopment Accountability.

It’s no wonder the self-proclaimed founder of the Baldwin Park-based group against the downtown redevelopment project hasn’t been calling me back.

Not sure the reason for his departure quite yet, but I’ll hopefully be finding out soon.

  • cara follower

    I have been very involved with James since the beginning of the fight against the bisno development started. I want everyone to know James is fine but recently when he went in for chronic back problems in the VA hospital they had to do surgery and things are not healing the way they should and do to his age and health it’s not helping him either. WE all wanted what was best for James at this time and it was decided that he take an indefinite leave of absence from CARA and step down as president till at which time his health can hopefully get better. The CARA group will move forward with elections pending for a new president but for now the VP will be in charge till the group picks a new leader. We sincerely wish James was there to hear the mayor read his letter that Bisno is moving out but he did listen to the audio of the meeting and said now is the time the real work starts. He wishes all the members and citizens GOD’S speed to heal the city and to develop for the people of this city who he fought for 24/7 for a year and a half. If and when he can come back CARA will of course turn over the powers once again to the man that started the group for the people. We want people to know he has also moved out of the city to have the care he needs.