Contacting Herfert

18262-herfert.jpgWhile talking to West Covina resident Alfred Williams today, he brought up Councilman Steve Herfert, who notoriously clicks away at his laptop during council meetings. 

Williams speculated that if there’s one thing that Herfert isn’t doing, it’s checking his city email address for constituent concerns. Why does he think that? Because unlike all of his other colleagues, Herfert doesn’t list his email address on the city’s web site.

I’m going take a wild guess that his email address, which he likely has even though its not on the web site, is set up the same way the other council members emails are, and it’s probably

But it’s still a fair question: Where is the contact info?

  • WC Resident

    I don’t know what Herfert is doing, but he sure isn’t listening to the residents! The rest of the Council is considerate of those that speak to the Council, but Herfert often rudely gets up when the residents are speaking. Perhaps he is playing solitaire?

  • Anonymous

    Is he required to list his e-mail address?

  • Someone Else

    As an elected official representing the public you would think he would make himself available to the public! One of the easiest ways to do that is with an e-mail address. Since he has his face planted on his computer during the meetings he must have the knowledge to acquire one! Perhaps he doesn’t care what the public has to say?

  • Resident

    Maybe he communicates with his constituents in a different way. Why assume that just because he does not use an email he is not talking to people.

  • Someone Else

    I guess most of the residents are not privy to how to reach Mr. Herfert. Perhaps you can inform the rest of us how to reach the “Great One”.