Debate over LP center plaques

20108-plaues.JPGI wrote a story for tomorrow’s paper about a pair of bronze dedication plaques at the La Puente Community Center and Youth Learning Activity Center that are causing quite a stir.

Former Mayor Louis Perez said he was told by both a former city official and an employee with Chevron Energy Solutions — the project’s contractor — that Chevron originally submitted plans to include Perez and former Councilwoman Renee Chavez’s names on the plaques. But Mayor Louie Lujan rejected the idea.

Ken Casey, business development manager for Chevron Energy Solutions, declined to comment.

Lujan called the allegations “ridiculous.”

The plaques cost the city $1,467, according to interim City Manager Frank Tripepi. They include the names of current council, the developer and the architect.

Look for the story tomorrow….

  • lpkid

    Hey, I was supposed to write a class paper on last nights council meeting. Does anyone know who became the mayor in La Puente last night?

  • CG

    Poor Perez, still trying to grab attention… It’s about the community not a stupid name on a PLAQUE

  • LP ABC 123 xyz

    Perez and Chavez, stop crying. This is why you did not get re-elected; cause you worry more about yourself than the community.

  • LP res

    must be another slow news day in La Puente. These editors need to focus on real issues like the economy, crime, and our youth here in La Puente. Non-issue stories like these just enforce the fact that this paper is going down the tubes.

  • Anonymous

    This is very important. It proves how horrible politicians are and shows how the only people we can trust is the media. We should let them tell us who we should vote for because they know better than any of us because the reports have undergraduate degrees in journalism and political science which means they get things we don’t.

  • LP123

    None of the council members should be on that Plaque.

    The city should have issued a dedication to the residents of La Puente and Also an apology the residents.

  • LP123

    Sorry, I meant none of the PAST council members should have been on the plaque.