Time to face the music


The El Monte City Council meeting is tonight and we’re guessing there will be lots of comments from residents about Mayor Ernie Gutierrez’ recent arrest.

Some of his fellow colleagues on the dais have expressed their hopes that Gutierrez will make some sort of statement. But they weren’t optimistic it would actually happen.

Guess we’ll find out.

  • anonymous

    Ernie speak up? Takes a mature adult to speak up. A common, sloppy, foul mouthed drunk is not a mature adult. Ernie is pond scum!

  • el Monte Resident

    Ernie is not going to speak up! He is too busy being drunk and making an ass out of himself and doing unethical things at the cost of City tax payers. Unfortunately, tax payers money is going to clean up after the Mayors stupidity (sober moments included too), I am sure they are use to it, city employees have been known to clean his yard at city expense.

  • Anonymous

    Face the music??? Don’t think the mayor knew what tune was being played when Art Barrios brought up removing Ernie from his committee assignments. Did he think they were talking about someone else?