Turkey politics


It’s the season of giving, but only if you are on the right list. That’s what one San Gabriel Valley resident found out today when he swung by a turkey giveaway by Congresswoman Hilda Solis in El Monte.

Apprently, the resident said that he went to pick up a free turkey only to be told that he couldn’t have one.


A representative from Solis’ office confirmed that, yes, there was a turkey giveaway but only for people who were selected by agencies co-sponsoring the event.

So, the turkeys would be given to those agencies so that those groups could in turn give to those in need.

While there was probably the image of Solis smiling and handing out turkeys, it was to the middle man, not the people in need. As long as those in need get the turkeys, I guess that’s all that matters.

Meantime, Assemblyman Ed Hernandez had a turkey hand out of his own on Tuesday at Picasso’s Cafe in Irwindale. The event benefits Our Neighborhood Homework House.

  • Michael A. Felix

    Whos the Biggest Turkey in this Town?

    What is the right list? Many believe the right list is about always getting what you want. However, I was on the right list during the Vietnam War. I was lucky enough to be on the draft list. Although I wasnt overly enthusiastic, I went on to perform the duty my nation needed me to do because my name was on the list.

    I wonder what time we live in today that an act of generosity is scrutinized and reprimanded for being a political act, can a person not be generous out of the kindness of their hearts or because of the values that their nation has bestowed on them? Its outright infuriating to see a successful Chicana as Congresswoman Hilda Solis being dragged through Turkey Politics and come out to be the bad guy. In this time when our leaders are rarely seen for positive behavior, where scandal is rampant, and so many turn a blind eye, are we supposed to be shocked over turkeys?!

    Though we face hard economic times throughout the nation, Congresswoman Hilda Solis is making an effort to bring some relief to people in our community that are in need. Excuse her if she has made a list to be sure that she knows the community members whom she is handing over her Political Turkeys to. Perhaps this is a strange idea for many, but maybe Congresswoman Solis had the middle man involved to assist her in delivering the turkeys to those on her list.

    If there is any doubt where the turkeys ended up, if they will end up in the bellies of the middle man, be assured that these turkeys will not end up in my belly. I am the middle man and I am personally offended by this allegation due to the known fact that I picked up and delivered various turkeys during this time of year. If the community needs to know I deliver these turkeys to war veterans who are not able to mobilize themselves to pick up a turkey. One example of this is a World War II and Korean veteran, whose son died in the Vietnam War. He is homebound and is grateful and truly appreciates the turkey that I brought over to him.

    Politics being a hot topic, we should discuss the Political Turkey that Assemblyman Ed Hernandez planted. A real act of selflessness is having his turkey hand out announced in the San Gabriel Valley Tribune on November 25. Meanwhile Congresswoman Hilda Solis event only made headlines because of its political agenda and in the same article Assemblyman Ed Hernandez is praised for essentially the same act. We can clearly see that the Political Turkey is not in Congresswoman Solis hands but perhaps in other political figures hands and the hands of your news paper.

    All those critics who point the political finger at Congresswoman Hilda Solis also point it at me and the entire Veterans of Foreign Wars of Greater El Monte, Post 10218 a non profit organization. Instead of condemning others for generous acts we should give thanks for having a representative such as Congresswoman Hilda Solis who is an honest, hardworking, and usually not controversial leader, with exception of this turkey affair.

    Michael A. Felix
    Veterans of Foreign War of Greater El Monte
    Post 10218

  • Mr. Felix, only one thing I can say: Good job! Thank you for your service to your country in the armed forces, and for continuing to serve your country at home!

  • WTH?

    It’s not that big of a deal…CONG. SEN. and ASM members do it this way ALL the time. I’ve worked for an elected offical and the way it works is that non-profits are picked to collect turkey’s from them and they distribute it to the community. No offense but some of these blogs seem to TRY to make someone look bad when there is NOTHING going on… THEN waht happens is people talk badly about these people named in the story when NOTHING HAPPENED!!! This is NOT what the SGV needs…


  • Anonymous

    HOW DARE she not give a turkey to everyone who wanted one. What’s going on here?

  • calwatch

    I(f you are going to give away turkeys to nonprofits, do it quietly, or through a press release. Don’t hold a public event and invite the media, and not expect curious residents to show up and try to get a piece of the action. The missions hand out free food to thousands with no means test required. If you can stand in line for several hours, and you feel you are poor enough to deserve the meal, you ought to be able to get it.