Dancing up a storm

This story from reporter Bethania Palma:

INDUSTRY – Owners of a nightclub say they are going to sue Industry after the City Council shut down their business.

City officials voted last week to close the 5150 Bar and Lounge at 15455 Valley Blvd. and said owners Cheri and Rene Cota failed to follow city rules restricting live entertainment.

“During these tough economic times, the City of Industry has chosen to revoke our business license,” the Cotas wrote on their Web site. “We are forced to sue the City of Industry to gain our right to stay open for business.”

Rene Cota said the only way the business can thrive is to have live entertainment and dancing, which the city says violate his use permit.


Cota said he applied for a conditional use permit to have live entertainment, but city officials rejected the application because of insufficient parking, they said.

Do you think Industry should allow 5150 to stay open?

  • chun

    they knowingly broke the rules i am sure it wasn’t the first time. they should be closed down.

  • Anonymous

    The parking requirements, i’m sure are there for a reason. An establishment that invites large numbers of people to its venue should comply with rules aimed at accomodating the influx of traffic and parking the business will generate. Should neighboring businesses and residences have to bear burden of outsiders parking on their properties or clogging up parking on their streets just so ONE business owner can make a little money?

    I don’t fault anyone wanting to drum up a little extra business but these rules are there for a purpose…not just to make city officials feel important.

  • calwatch

    This is next to the Spearmint Rhino though. There are no neighboring businesses, unless you count the industrial park across busy Valley Boulevard. If there is a demonstrated complaint from the KMart (oops, not there anymore) or the other businesses, fine. Of course, the City of Industry is one of the least transparent cities in the county (their city council agendas are not online) so we’ll never know what happens.

  • Anonymous

    i hear the city is practically owned by the Valley Vista trash company.

  • Anonymous

    All of this seems to be sparked by Spearmint Rhino’s issues with the club. Hmmm.. Loss in business there so they go to the city and have this place shut down?
    Can’t handle the competition?… I’m sure they paid the right city officials off accordingly.

    Sadly Money Talks.
    It’s not a secret.