Former La Puente employee claims harassment because “Latina”

I’ve been pretty much out of the office since Wednesday, so blogging has been a little slow. Hope everyone had as good a holiday as I did. Now getting back to local politics….

I teased this story about former La Puente Community Services Director Rozanne Adanto suing the city for wrongful termination a little over a week ago.

The full version ran in today’s paper. In a nut shell, Adanto is alleging that former City Manager Carol Cowley created a hostile work environment and harassed Adanto because she is “Latina.” Adanto also claims she was unjustly fired.

She’s not talking, and neither is Cowley, for the most part. Though Cowley did say she wanted to let her track record at City Hall “speak for itself.”

Most of the information I got is from the actual complaint, which was filed in court just six days before Cowley’s retirement.

I doubt the suit will actually make it into a courtroom. It will be interesting to see what kind of concluson will be reached.

Read the suit here: