10 days, and stil no El Monte police report

The clock’s run out on my public records request to El Monte for the police report detailing Mayor Ernie Gutierrez’ arrest earlier this month.

I submitted the request on Nov. 19 and it’s been 10 working days since then – still no response from the city.

I’ve been playing phone tag with Greg Palmer , the attorney for El Monte police, for more than a week. We finally got a hold of each other this morning and Palmer said the city had “told me not to do anything with that request … It is my understanding the city attorney is handling it.”

I’m still waiting on a call back from City Attorney Edward Moseley.


  • El Monte Resident

    Sooooo aren’t they violating the public information act amoung other laws? I am curious to see how they are going to weasel out of this one.

  • Anonymous

    Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t the rule that they have 10 days to tell you whether and when they will be able to provide the documents you seek.

    I don’t think the Public Records Act says all records must be produced in 10 days period.

    Tania you may want to check with you buddies at California Aware before you fly of the handle.

  • Anonymous,

    You are absolutely right. The city does not necessarily have to provide me with the document in 10 days, but they must send me some sort of correspondence following up on the request, as you pointed out.

    I have not received any correspondence from anyone on whether my request is even going to be fulfilled. As a side note, when I spoke to Police Chief Ken Weldon on Nov. 19, he said at that time the report would be made public within 10 days.

  • Anonymous

    Be ready Tania, the City Attorney is going to give you run around for a few days and then tell you that the city manager is going to handle this case and so forth..This great city is no ready or prepared for transparency and we the taxpayers pay the city attorney to work for the best interest of the people, but it is working for the cover up group of City Hall…..you might have to bypass City Attorney, District Attorney and go right to State Attorney….

  • El Monte

    Call Steve Cooley immediately. El Monte will give a long song and dance. That is their “M.O.” you should know that by now. Too bad….can’t wait to read about it and see it.