Source leaks on reporter

No one ever said being a reporter wasn’t a dangerous job.

Sometimes, while trying to get the scoop on a story, reporters can find themselves in some tough predicaments. A tight spot, if you will.

As was the case with reporter Bethania Palma Markus today.

Investigating a story on the increase in dogs at local animal shelters, Bethania met a very sweet pit bull mix that was a little too excited; and Palma Markus let herself get to close to the source.

“He peed on me,” she reported upon returning to the office. “He is a very nice dog. Got a little excited, and I got too close – operator error.”

Sockless, and wearing a $2.99 pair of shoes from target, the right foot was the contaminated area. A Hasmat team was not needed. Parts of a $5.99 pair of pants were also hit, but Palma Markus doesn’t plan to file a suit against the animal.

In all seriousness, Palma Markus was at the Baldwin Park shelter doing a story on how these tough economic times are forcing some to give up their pets. This particular dog had been given up due to his family losing their home to foreclosure.

He will be at the animal shelter for another couple weeks due to the mandatory 15-day period at the shelter.

Look for more on Palma Markus’ story in the paper and online tomorrow.

  • Anonymous

    I know this isn’t exactly the purpose of this blog but would it be possible to maybe have an “adoptable pet of the week” post on the site. I went to the BP shelter a few times last month in the hopes of placing a dog but unfortunately I couldn’t. It was truly heartbreaking to see all those lovalble little pooches there all desperate for a home.

    Just a thought. A nice little tension breaker from the usual acrimony.

    Please think about it.

  • anonymous

    The dog had the right opinion of reporters. Smart dog!

  • Anonymous

    Well at least the reporter didn’t get “scooped.”

    Guess the interviewee was a little “pissed.”

    But I guess you can’t fault the interviewee for wanting to “make his mark.”

    The interviewee after all does hail from a broken home…or perhaps a “house broken.”