Glendora fields a crowded field of five for election

GLENDORA — Competition is tight in Glendora as councilman Mark Kelly has decided not to run for reelection leaving his City Council seat open for the taking. At the same time, Mayor Karen Davis is seeking reelection.

“I think during these challenging times that our state and our nation are facing, we as a community have fared better than other places,” said Davis.

Davis is one of five community members running for the City Council. Kristin Parisi, Brian Pagac, Gene Murabito and Yousef “Joseph” Tweini have also thrown in their hats.
Pagac and Parisi did not immediately return phone calls for this story.

Murabito, who serves on the Glendora Planning Commission, had been planning a run for City Council in 2008 for about five years.

“I think the council overall has done a good job,” he said. “Can we improve? Absolutely.”
Murabito worked in aerospace for 25 years before he left that in 1999. He then opened an accounting service that is based in Glendora.

“In my business we are always looking for ways to change and improve, rather than get passed up,” he said. “My strength is in my character.”

Tweini, a chemical engineer, ran for the City Council in 2007 and received the least amount of votes of the candidates. But that experience and opportunity for residents to get to know him will help him this time around, he said.

“This time it is going to be different,” said Tweini. “I am a manager, so I can manage things, manage budgets. I do have the overall picture of what the city is looking for.”

A graduate of UCLA and a resident of Glendora for 15 years, Tweini hopes for the opportunity to serve the residents.

“I am not running against anybody, I am running to serve the community and the people of Glendora,” he said. “If (the people) like the person and vote for them, I will support the decision of the people.”

  • Glendora Resident

    We the residents will vote for the candidates that will do the best possible for our city. It is that simple. We look forward to reading their literature.

  • Mr. Jones

    Mayor Karen Davis will get my support. She is fair and smart. We need more honest women in office. They make a big differance. My family and I will continue to support this candidate.

  • Glendora Voter

    Kristin Parisi has filed or supported three lawsuits against the city of Glendora.

    All three were dismissed by the courts

  • anonymous

    Actually Mrs. Parisi supported a suit against the city council and administrators which brought significant improvements to the city. The suit prevailed and the judge ordered the city to start complying with the California Public Records Act.
    The result: new and improved access to PUBLIC INFORMATION for all of the taxpayers within the city. I support someone who is willing to stand up for what is right – good job Mrs. Parisi.