Where’s the (election) beef?

I am a little confused, but aren’t elections supposed to be heated contests between people who think they are doing a good job and those who disagree whole-heartedly?

Wild accusations, yelling matches, negative campaigning, snickering remarks, low voter turnout – these all all things I put with city council elections.

Not in La Verne.

All four candidates for city council spoke highly of each other. And not that – I am running a campaign focused on what I can do for the city and not against any other person – stuff. They each sincerely expressed the idea that each candidate would make an excellent council member.

Two of them have worked with each other at the University of La Verne (Donna Nasmyth and Robin Carder), they all know each other, and they all have great things to say about the city and the current council.

Where’s the anger? Where’s the disdain? Where’s scandal? Where’s Terrel Owens when you need him?

Here is a quote from candidate Charlie Rosales I never thought I would hear covering city council elections.

“If you are looking for controversy, you are not going to find any.”

I’m checking out.

  • Dog Spot

    I think I’ve got a name for this group: The Stepford Candidates.

  • Anonymous

    And there you have it fols, the problem with the media today! No negativity? Oh then there’s no story here!

  • Anonymous

    I agree with Anonymous:

    The media seems to be saddened by a lack of acrimony. Guess that doesn’t see papers. Might also expalin why they go out of their way to stir of controversy where there really isn’t any.

    You people suck.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, a City Council made of up reasonable mature adults. Time to change my city of residence.